Unveiling Possibilities -Clubs’ and Societies’ Induction

Unveiling Possibilities -Clubs’ and Societies’ Induction

With the 2k19 batch finally adjusting to the astounding beauty of the campus of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra the club induction program added a little more fun and flavor to their lives. The first day of the induction program took place on 8th August, 2019 in the G.P. Birla auditorium.

Day 1

The induction programme started at 4:00 P.M. with Sanskar Agarwal serving as the host for the evening. He introduced the new batch of students to the various achievements that the college has earned through the years. After discussing the popularity of the various clubs and societies of our college, he emphasized on the two major fests of the college and also informed the students about the active participation of different clubs and societies in various fests.

The Induction ceremony kicked off with Sumit Kumar, the President of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), showing a video highlighting the importance of Entrepreneurship. This was followed up by a presentation which explained the various workshops and events conducted by EDC throughout the year. Next up in line was Koustav Kundu from the Environment Protection and Awareness Club (EPAC). He captivated the attention of the audience with a video clip highlighting the work done by the club in making the campus a clean, green, and eco-friendly one.

Following them, Nilay Nishit, Vinayak Srivastava and Shwetabh Kashyap from Team Aveon, the official E-Racing club of BIT Mesra, mesmerized the freshers with an astounding video, showcasing the achievements of the team in BAJA, conducted by SAE, as well as a step-wise guide showing the technical know-how and the background work behind the building of electric cars. Snigdha Ansu and Puneet Rai from Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET on Campus), one of the coding clubs of BIT Mesra, aired a presentation which educated the audience about the various workshops and events conducted by the club throughout the academic session.

The programme finally came to a close with the last club for the day, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the student coding club of BIT Mesra, introducing the audience to the world of coding and programming. They highlighted the various workshops conducted throughout the year, and educated the students about the same.

Day 2

After witnessing the gripping and awe-inspiring unveiling of clubs on Day 1 of club induction programme, it was time for round 2. Day 2 of club induction programme kicked off at 3:00 P.M. in the prestigious G.P. Birla Auditorium on 9th of August, 2019.

Day 2 started with the host, Mr. Vishesh making students cognizant with the importance of several clubs throughout the college life. The freshers were also briefly introduced to the working environment of the various clubs and their roles in giving the college the reputation it currently holds today.

Firebolt Racing was the first club to take on the podium and elucidate the exciting journey a Firebolt member goes through. Students were shown a presentation and videos depicting the achievements earned by the club in its long-running journey. Following them was Robolution, engrossing the audience with their presentations and videos, highlighting the club’s importance if one is interested in the field of Robotics. It was followed by a heart-touching video message by the 2k14 batch of Robolution members telling about their adventurous journey in the club.

Next in line was the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE). They made students aware of the several events and competitions organized by the club throughout the year. They explained to students the importance of the club for a coding or electronics enthusiast.

Robolution engrossed the audience with their presentations and videos.

After a brief halt for the snacks break, Team Srijan took the turn in explaining the esteemed position it holds as an automobile club. The audience were shown presentations and videos portraying the selection procedure, events organized and their past years of glory. Day 2 of an enticing club induction programme finally came to a close with Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) fascinating the audience by showing them all the activities they perform in a whole calendar year.

Day 3

With the students well acquainted with the technical clubs of BIT Mesra, the third and final day of the Club Induction came about to add a little spice to the college life of the students of the k19 batch. Day 3 kicked off at 3:00 P.M. with the host Apoorva Agarwal educating and inspiring the students about the importance of co-curricular in the life of a student. The freshers were introduced to the various benefits of culture in their lives and were taught how cultural clubs shape the personality of students and help in overall character development.

The club induction program added a little more fun and flavour to the mundane lives of the freshers.

The first to steal the stage, was the News and Publications Society (NAPS), the only administrative club of BIT Mesra, wherein a video was shown followed by a presentation that demonstrated how the club functions. Next in line was the LEO club. After introducing the club to the first years, a video and presentation showing the various events the club hosted throughout the year were shown. Following them, the Quizzing and Debating Club of BIT Mesra, United Engineers Speaking and Quizzing Organization, UNESQUO, set the stage alive by presenting a video depicting all the events conducted by them followed by a JAM statement. Literary Society, the following suit, then presented a video showcasing their activities. This was followed by a splendid delivery of a snippet of the longest couplet and an interactive session wherein the audience were asked to complete fun sentences using their imagination. Consequently, they were followed by the Rotaract Club, wherein the members then took the stage to introduce themselves through a presentation with all the events that they have conducted in the past years.

After a short break, the Club induction programme resumed with Dhwani, the Music Club of BIT Mesra, enthralling the audience with their performance of ‘Every tear drop is a waterfall’ by Coldplay, ‘Phir se Udd Chala’ and a beautiful rendition of ‘Raga Yaman’. Next up, the Fine Arts Society (FAS) inspired all the artists in the crowd to come up and show their talents. They presented a video and an intricate work art and craft, along with a model of a pirate ship.
Following them, the Sports Mentorship and Adventure Club (SMAC), intrigued the students with the activities that they conduct around the year. The Dance Club of BIT Mesra, captured the attention of the audience with a spectacular video, enlightening the freshers about the various achievements and activities of the dance club. This was followed by a showcase of elegant dance performances on songs like ‘Spotlight’,‘MC Jogi’ and a South Indian beat. The Photographic Society (PSOC) was the penultimate club of the day. The club, entrusted with covering all the festivals and events happening around the college, introduced itself through a presentation. The last club for the day was Ehsaas- the Dramatics Society, one of the liveliest clubs of the campus. They entertained the newly inducted batch with a musical skit on college life.

With this performance, the day came to an end and the batch of 2019 was well acquainted with the need for different clubs and how they would help them to shape their personalities in the long run.

Reporters: Apoorva Nanda, Priyanshu Pandey, Triparna Roy
Editor: Apoorva Nanda
Picture Credits: Photographic Society, BIT Mesra

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