An Insight to the World of Electronics- CLD Workshop 

An Insight to the World of Electronics- CLD Workshop 

Setting out into a riveting journey to the world of “Electronics”, IETE BIT Mesra Students’ Chapter organized a four-day Circuit Logic and Design (CLD) workshop from 3rd September to 6th September 2019. The workshop aimed to enhance the comprehension and bring out the practical applications of electronic circuits and intricacies of “Electronics”, managed to draw in a considerable crowd.


The first day of the workshop commenced from 5:15 P.M in Lecture Hall-2. Students were advised to come with MultiSIM software installed in their laptops.The hosts for the day were Vishesh and Vivek.The attendees were taught the basicsof electrical and electronic components as well as familiarized with several essential instruments. The students were provided with kits and components which would be required throughout the workshop.The day wrapped up at 7:45 P.M. with the students proficient in elementary electronics.


The workshop resumed its second day at 5:15 P.M at the aforementionedvenue, and opened the doors of knowledge towards diodes and rectifiers.Dev, Prathyush, Vathsalya, and Sanidhya of K17 batch were the mentors for the day. The second day of the workshop delved into deeper concepts of electronics, wherein BJT, Light sensing circuits using LDR, transistor switches and touch sensor circuits using 555 timer circuits were implemented in the session.Graphic presentations and actual models were shown to the students for a better understanding of concepts.


The penultimate day of the workshop got the students learning about transistors, FET, and logic gates and their circuital implementations. The venues for the day were Rooms 236 and 237 with the timings the same as before. The tutors, Mona, Shantanu, and Vishesh walked the pupils through the flashing LED circuits using transistors. The concepts were assiduously explained, and with the help of informative presentations. Students were free to get their queries resolved, with the volunteers readily helping them out.


The final day of the workshop expanded its horizons to slightly advanced topics, like Operational Amplifiers (OPAMPS) and circuits on MultiSIM. Sonali, Vaishnavi, and Dev were the instructors for the day. Doubts and difficulties of the attendees were clarified at the end of the day.An interesting quiz was organized to culminate the session and to test the familiarity of students with the topics covered in four days.The winners of the quiz were rewarded with kits and components.

The workshop finally concluded grandly with students receiving certificates of completion. The four-day intriguing lessons full of some innovative teaching techniques and clever shortcuts to graspthe complexities of the subject was a display of sheer brilliance by the dedicated members of the club.The massive participation, especially from K19’s, ensured the success of the workshop further bidding a farewell with a promise of conduction of such events shortly.

Reporter– Arpit Kujur
Editor- Triparna Roy
Picture Credits– IETE BIT Mesra and Photographic Society, BIT Mesra

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