Firebolt Racing organises basic automobile workshop

Firebolt Racing organises basic automobile workshop

“The ultimate concept car will move so fast, even at rest, as to be invisible”

-J.G. Ballard

Years ago, the field of engineering was assumed to be just associated with automobiles and machines. Even today, at one point or the other all engineers do think about the fascinating world of cars, engines and their functioning. To fuel the fire within the 2K19s and 2K18s, Firebolt Racing, BIT Mesra organized a workshop on Basic Automobiles and related concepts. The workshop commenced on 30th August, 2019 from 6:30 P.M. in LH-1. The workshop was conducted by Rohit Vaths, Gursafal Marwah, Gunjit Dave, Utkarsh Raj and Tarun Raghav of K17 batch, who were assisted by the volunteers of K18. The workshop extended over two days covering the basics and insides of an automobile along with the essential software required for the same. Laptops were a necessity, for Day-2, with a software called Solidworks preinstalled on it.

Day 1

The day 1 of learning began at 6:30 P.M. in LH1. The space was filled with zealous attendees. Organizers and volunteers were equally enthusiastic to impart their knowledge of automobiles. The topics covered for the Day 1 were Engines, Vehicle Dynamics, Brakes and a few topics related to commercial cars.

Since these topics are a tad non-intuitive in nature, their physical functioning was necessary to be shown to promote better concepts on the same. Hence, animations of various working components and their functioning were shown; also various real parts of some components, Engine, Differential, gearbox, carburetor, struts, clutch assembly, and wheel assembly, were provided in hand.

Day 2

Day 2 began at 9:00 A.M. in LH 1 on 31st of August. This day witnessed massive participation from the K18s and K19s. Various interesting and new topics were covered on the second day. Since the workshop was to be held from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., the schedule was divided between two sessions. The topics covered were basics of steering and suspension, brakes along with CAD. Components such as Callipers, Rotors, etc. were shown and to amaze the attendees, Firebolt members also graciously displayed their self-created car. The crowd was left for a short lunch break after a brief introduction to the components of automobiles.

The short break was then followed by CAD workshop. CAD required certain software called the Dassaults System Solidworks. The basics of this preinstalled software were well instructed to the students and they were then taught to draw basic diagrams of components using the tools. Numerous tools were drawn using CAD software.

The event culminated with the attendees satisfied with what they had learned regarding automobiles in such a short span. The workshop brilliantly managed to manoeuvre the curious minds, making them ready for upcoming challenges.

Reporter– Ishita Hiremath
Editor- Arpit Kujur
Picture Credits- Photographic Society, BIT Mesra

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