An Ebullient Evening: Ehsaas-Dramatics Society organizes “Bards and Brews”

An Ebullient Evening: Ehsaas-Dramatics Society organizes “Bards and Brews”

Amidst the humdrum routine life and all the overwhelming unrest and chaos that struck the world, life does feel a little dreary and weary- binging the same old Netflix shows, to waiting hopelessly for the college to reopen soon. The drudgerous day-to-day life needed refreshment.

To put an end to this meticulous, repetitive routine, Ehsaas-Dramatics Society of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, took the mantle to take away all the boredom. Bards and Brews, a stand-up performance, was brought to us by the members of this society on the weekend filled with vitality and passion. The event commenced at 07:00 P.M. on 5th September, 2021, on the online platforms Microsoft Teams.

The platform was all set, filled with energy and enthusiasm for all the performers from the club. As people joined in, Harsh Singh of K19, the host, took to the stage and started with a humorous monologue. With their cameras turned on, everyone giggled and laughed.

A total of five witty, winsome open mic performances were to be set on stage. The first to perform was Amisha Gupta of K20. She put forth a reminiscent self-composed poem about college and hostel life, captivating the audience’s attention towards the dramatic portrayal of college life they were missing. The next appearance was of the General Secretary of Ehsaas-Dramatics Society, Akanksha Singh of K19, with her poignant and heart-stirring mono act. The act revolved around the theme of the loss of a loved one and showed how an old man lost the love of his life. After this soulful performance, a much needed little hearted performance was needed. Samriddhi Khanna, of K20, followed her with an enthralling performance of autodidactic written musical comedy. The performance was a whimsical satire on the entire batch of K20. As for the penultimate performance of the evening, Saurya Raj of K20 took to the stage with a medley of three poems that he had composed. Each of them covered a different theme, a different topic and yet made an impact. From reciting poetry about the LGBTQ community to covering the topic of poverty and then, a self intuitive poem, he did make sure to grasp the audience’s attention through all of it.  The evening’s concluding and most passionate performance was brought to the audience by Kumar Aditya of K20. A soulful and melodramatic mono act performance was all that was needed to wrap up the event. He played the role of a security guard who was falsely accused by the politician he worked for, of an alleged rape crime he didn’t commit. The whole performance was awe striking and impactful and displayed a rather dark side of modern day society.

Lastly, Tanvi Gaurav and Manas Kumar took turns to share their valuable insights and provided tips and tricks about staging a performance for the future. The gleeful and spirited evening arrived at its conclusion with a vote of thanks by the organizers of Ehsaas Dramatic Society at around 08:00 P.M.


Reporter: Akash Rupam Ekka
Editor: Ichcha Roy

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