Annual Athletic Meet 2017 – Day 2

Annual Athletic Meet 2017 – Day 2

The second day of Annual Athletic meet ’17 at Birla Institute of technology kicked off with great enthusiasm on 4 Feb 2017. This day was marked by the constant presence of our honorary Dean student’s welfare, Dr.B.K Mishra who continuously invigorated the ranks of athletes with his loud cheers. His attempt at supporting the athletes by providing them with chocolates was indeed admirable. The crowd turnout which was huge not only lifted the spirits of the athletes but also motivated them to compete to the best of their potential.

Men and Women’s 100 m race:

The first half of the day took off with the 100 m race preliminaries for both the men as well as the women. From both the respective categories, 7 athletes were selected to come toe to toe against each other for the final run.

Tug of war:

It was this event, which became a testament to the unity as well as coordination among the team members. There were two matches that took place, the first being between Hostel-10 and Hostel-11 in which Hostel-11 delivered their adversary a crushing defeat in both the consecutive rounds. The second match took place with Hostel-5 and Hostel-13 coming toe to toe against each other. This exciting competition culminated with the victory inclining towards Hostel-5 for whom it was quite a hard fought victory.

Men and Women’s 400 m race:

As the day progressed, the men and women’s 400 m race kicked off at the culmination of the Tug of war.

Women’s Shot Put finals:

Sonam Singh was the one amongst the finalists who succeeded in hurling the ball the farthest. The other finalists were Lopa Mudra and Nisha who went on to bag the second and the third positions respectively.

IMG-20170205-WA0010-1110 m hurdles race:

Finally the 110 m hurdles race kicked off marking the conclusion of the first half of the day. The finals for this track race will take place on the final day of the Athletic Meet, ’17, i.e. the 5th of February.

Men’s 400 m hurdles race:

The second half of the day took off with the men’s 400 m hurdles race. It was Bhimsen Deogam of Hostel -2 & 4who overcame all his opponents in the most spectacular fashion to bag the first position.

Men’s Fast Cycling 5000 m race:

It was indeed an evenly poised competition with the victory eventually going to Suraj Oraon of Hostel-12 in the culminating moments of the race. The second position was bagged by Abhishek Sagar of Hostel-5 and in the third position was Somnath Murmured of Hostel-6.

Reporters: Akash Choudhuri, Vivek Gupta
Editor: Milan Basa

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