Annual Athletic Meet 2017 – Final Day

Annual Athletic Meet 2017 – Final Day

The final day of the 31st Annual Athletic Meet held at BIT Mesra kicked off at 8:30 am on 5th February, 2017. The Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. B.K Mishra motivated the students to transcend their boundaries and put their best foot forward. The Chief Guest Dr. A.K Chatterjee graced the occasion with his presence.

There were multitudinous matches piled up, most of them being the Finale of the Heats that had already taken place on Day 2. The participants showcased their exuberance on the Race tracks in 110 m Hurdle race for Men (finals), which was the first track event of the day. The results for the same are as follows:

1st position – Umakant (Hostel 6)

Runner up – Marshal  (Hostel 6)

Second Runner up- Anup Kumar Bhagat (Hostel 2&4)

The next event that drew attention was Javelin Throw for men (finals). The first position was again bagged by Umakant of Hostel 6 followed by Nitesh Mundu of Hostel 7 at the second position. Himanshu of Hostel 6 was the second runner up.

In the meanwhile, Triple jump for men finals was also being witnessed. The victor for the same was, Suraj (Hostel 1&3) with Ashwini Dungdung (Hostel 2&4)  and Abhishek Kumar (Hostel 2&4) being on the second and the third rank, respectively.

The 200 m race finals for both men and women were among a few nail biting clashes that took place. The results for the same are as follows:

Girls Category:

1st position –  Pratima (2K15)

Runner up – Rita (2K13)

Second Runner up- Madhumita (2K16)

Boys Category:

1st position – Bhimsen Deogam (Hostel 2&4)

Runner up – Marshal (Hostel 6)

Second Runner up- Vijay (Hostel 6)

In 800 m race for women (finals), the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were bagged by Tulika (2k13), Akanksha (2k16) and Ayesha Mundu (2K13), respectively.

The Broad jump for women (finals) was the next event to come up. The winner for the same was Pratima of 2K15 followed by MadhumitaIMG-20170206-WA0009-1 and Vandana both of 2K16 at the 2nd and the 3rd position, respectively.

The final round of 400 m race for men was another nerve wracking event of the day. Banjop of Hostel 1 was the winner of the race with Sandeep Dhanwan being at the second postion by just a marginal difference. Vedant Aggarwal of hostel 11 secured the third position.

Tulika Tiwari of  2K13 again won the 400 m race for women with Harsha Singh of 2K13 being at the second place while Ritu Rani of 2K13 secured the third position.

The obstacle race which was organized to promote the spirit of sports was a feast for the eyes of the spectators. This race had an essence of events like running, rope climbing, hurdle race, etc. It was also one of the most eye catching events in which Manoj , Neeraj  and Somesh secured the first, second and third rank, respectively.

IMG-20170206-WA0013-1-1Tug of war was one such event where team spirit could be smelled both on and off the field. The spectators were seen cheering for their respective teams clamorously. Though there was a tough competition between Hostel 6 and Hostel 5, the endeavors of Hostel 5 were crowned with success. Among girls, the 2K15 batch faced the 2K13 batch with utmost audacity and finally won the fray.

The event also entailed some informal matches for the faculty members like Staff race and Tug of war. In the 100 m Staff race for men Dr. Kartik Mahato was first to reach the finishing line followed by Dr. Rahul and Dr. S.P Patnaik.

The relay race was one of the events which played a major role in deciding the overall champions both in men’s and women’s categories. In 4X400 m relay race finals for men Hostel 6 secured the first position, followed by hostel 5. The third position was secured by Hostel 12. In women’s category, 2K13 won the race followed by 2K14 with 2K16 being on the third position.

The Annual Athletic Meet 2017 ended on a high note as the athletes marched in the closing parade on the synchronized beats melodiously played by students of Matias of Seventh day Adventist School, Ranchi. It was followed by the felicitation ceremony, where the winners were awarded with medals and trophies. The three day high-spirited extravaganza came to its conclusion when Hostel 6 (Boys) and Batch 2K13 (Girls) were declared as the overall champions.

Reporters: Shubh Goel, Tanmay Prakash
Editor: Nivedita Chandra

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