Aagaaz-Nukkad Eve

Aagaaz-Nukkad Eve

BITOTSAV’17, the annual cultural fest of BIT Mesra, to be held from 16th to 19th March 2017, kicked off with certain flair and panache with its first official event Aagaaz on 18th Jaunuary 2017, which was essentially a street play. Supporting BITOTSAV’s campaign for “Unsung Heroes”, the play was based on the Indian Armed Forces. These super heroes fight wars so that we can be in peace and yet they are forgotten at times. This is the message that Ehsaas, the dramatics society of BIT Mesra wanted to convey.

The message of the nukkad natak was clearly evident. aagaaz (4)With our country moving ahead on the path of development today, every citizen of India is leading a life bestowed with ample liberty to live his life the way he wants to. But at times, while being over indulgent in our hectic and somewhat self-centred lives, we hardly manage to spare anytime to think about those who ruined their present in order to bestow us with our future. These are none other than our FORGOTTEN HEROES – OUR INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY!

Enthusiasm? Energy? That’s just two out of the many diverse components that helped make the nukkad natak by Ehsaas a huge success. Preparing a street play on such a topic was a mammoth task. The actors in the play did a stupendous task. aagaaz (10)They were loud enough and created an aura that attracted all kinds of people. Even shopkeepers, forgetting their sales’ prospects, stopped by.

Drama is an attractive mode of communication where the character quickly connects to the audience. The students aptly played out their parts. One could see the agony, fear and many other emotions on their faces. The play was moving and carried itself to the audience. The IC Arena was flooded with a zestful audience which beat cold winds and post college exhaustion to witness the event. They weren’t disappointed as members of Ehsaas put up a performance to remember. The event was a very successful one owning to flawless execution and massive participation. Moreover, the street play was followed by the DJ playing some energizing songs to make the evening more fun. It was surely the perfect start to the fun that lies ahead in Bitotsav’17.

Reporter- Bhavya Raj
Editor- Ishan Mohan

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