Theme Of Conference


 The theme of the first international Conference on “Evolutions in manufacturing: Technologies and Business Strategies for Global competiveness”.

The Conference deliberations are being structured to cover the following theme: ““Evolutions in manufacturing: Technologies and Business Strategies for Global competiveness”. The scope covers topics related but not limited to following broad areas:
Material Processing:  Casting, Forming& Joining, Composite material
Advanced Machining:  Micro and Nano Manufacturing, Advanced Machining Technologies
Surface Engineering/Metrology/Measurement:   Measurement and Quality Engineering
Manufacturing automation & Robotics, Modeling & Simulation :
Automation & IT for Simulation, Current trends in Automation
Automations solutions ,Process and Product Automation
Application of Automation & IT for augmenting Plant performance
Collaborative operation (Robot-Human Interaction)
Multibody dynamics 
Operation and Manufacturing Management: Supply Chain Management, Value Supply Chain
Manufacturing system planning, control & Quality engineering 
Advance Technologies & Support Technologies in Manufacturing System  
“Internet of things” technology for manufacturing operations
Wearable Devices Nest evolution in manufacturing
Cloud manufacturing, Futuristic Manufacturing 
3D Printing Technologies for Product Manufacturing 
Design for Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing , Sustainable Manufacturing 
Web Application in Product Manufacturing
Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering and Technology
    Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization Technologies 

Industrial forum and Manufacturer’s Presentation session
Manufacturing Engineering Software’s & Related Industrial Case Studies
Panel Discussion: Lean & Operational Excellence, Automation & Technology, Workforce Development & Leadership, Safety, Quality & Risk Management, Advanced Manufacturing Strategies