Themes Of Conference




Original contributions are invited in any of the area listed below for oral/poster presentation in the conference:


Themes of the conference


Environment, Urban Development & Climate Change

  1.                Land surface processes 
  2.                Coastal and marine environment
  3.                Urban environment and planning
  4.                Environmental pollution
  5.               Climate change

Natural Resources

  1.                Natural resource management 
  2.                Bio-Physical Modeling
  3.                Bio-Resources and bio-medicine related
  4.                Renewable energy resources

Natural Hazards

  1.                Natural & Anthropogenic Hazards
  2.                Disasters & Management
  3.                Land degradation and desertification

Geo-Spatial Technology

  1.         Spatial Decision Support Systems
  2.         Navigation and positioning system
  3.         Web and location based services
  4.         Advances in photogrammetric applications
  5.         UAV applications in Remote Sensing