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The Fee applicable in Summer Short Semester (2023) is given below




F*(Theory Courses), F* & other fail grade (Lab/Sessional Courses)

Theory Courses (D/F Grade)

Maximum       Credit or Unit to be Registered


Registration Fees

Rs.4500/per course

Rs. 1,000/- per course

12 Credits or

  4 Units


Examination Fees

Rs. 1,500/-

Rs. 1,500/-

Note: Students can register a maximum of 12 Credits or 4 Units for all DIPLOMA and BMLT

Mode of Payment & Registration

Important Links:

  1. Link for payment:
  2.  Click here to download the Registration Form or Collect it from Registration Office physically.
  3. Physically submit the hard copy of the Registration form, GPA cards and Fee receipt in the Registration Office and fill up the following Google form: