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Dr. Srikanta Pal
(Professor & Head, Dept. of Electronics and Communicaton Engineering)
Srikanta Pal – Featuring on world’s platform
Dr. Srikanta Pal, professor at BIT Mesra, is better known as the "telescope troubleshooter” in the global sci-tech circuit field
Research Interests:
Microwave Metamaterials, Microwave Filters synthesis and analysis, Patch-Antennas,  Microwave Imaging, Millimetre wave antennas and filters, Terahertz Imaging & sensors, Statistical Signal Processing, Radio Astronomy, Signal Processing of Manufacturing Processes, Planar form of fractals, EBG/PBG, DGS, reconfigurable geometries and frequency selective surfaces (FSS) in wireless applications, , RF MEMS, Through-the-wall Radar Imaging, Computational Electromagnetics, , 3D printing, Thin film based Advanced wireless components using High Temperature Superconductors, ferroelectrics and other new materials.