Dr. Sumit Mishra

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Email - smishra@bitmesra.ac.in, sumitmishra1@gmail.com
Phone - 8210629045

About Me

Hello Everyone!!

Presently I am working towards development of novel materials and their applications. These novel materials are in form of graft copolymers, modified polysaccharides, proteins, hydrogels and other hybrid inorganic organic materials synthesized through conventional and microwave based methods. We explore these materials towards their applications in water treatment, dye remediation, drug delivery, nutrient release, adhesives and some other applications in interdisciplinary work.

I like teaching in subjects of my expertise, training students in various domains of environmental science and material development, water analysis, Instrumental techniques used in water analysis, ICPOES, AAS, Flame photometer, other instruments like GPC, FTIR, SEM, Osmometer, Drug and nutrient release studies and some more. 

I look forward for developing sustainable solutions to environmental problems and creating a knowledge base through research, teaching and skill development. 

Thank You!!