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Some important research achievements of the Department are in the field of forming Technology for New Materials, Manufacturing Automation & Robotics for specific Tasks and Work Space Design Considering Ergonomic Parameters.

The main areas of interest in Research are-
  1. Waste Minimization and Lean Processes
  2. Manufacturing Automation & Robotics
  3. Work Design and Ergonomics
  4. Water Jet Technology
  5. Formability of Sintered Preforms
  6. Hydrodynamics of Metal Forming Processes
  7. Wire Cut EDM
  8. Integration issues of CAD and CAM


 Projects Completed:

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Agency
Dr. S.Kumar

Creating infrastructural facilities for training and research in precision forming.

Dr. S.Kumar

Deformation and Fracturing Behaviour of Metallic Foams

Dr. S.K. Jha

Enhancing productivity and competitiveness of brassware manufacturing units of Jharkhand

Ministry of MSME Gov. of India

Dr. S.Kumar FIST -II DST
Dr. Vinay Sharma Microwave Assisted Welding UGC