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Society for Industrial Management and Engineering (SIME):

The Society for Industrial Management and Engineering, BIT Mesra is a platform for students with an affinity for industrial science, technology, and management. The objective of the society is to host various events and workshops to nurture industry enthusiasts and encourage innovation within its members through research projects.

History and Vision :

Society for Industrial Management and Engineering was formed by Utkarsh (BTECH/10667/18), Shivansh Goyal (BTECH/10534/18) and Manas Kumar (BTECH/10480/18) (the then third year production engineering undergraduate students) in 2020. Their vision of forming the society was to build a self perpetuating learning ecosystem for the students passionate about the science and engineering being used in the current industries. After a detailed analysis, the founders established a framework to cater the interest of the students through research activities, industry related events, guided projects, workshops, webinars, fests and publications.

Today society continues to progress exponentially towards achieving its motto of ‘Innovate, Inculcate and Inspire’. What started as a dream, today sees students from diverse disciplines join together and develop their skills to become industry ready. Students of the societies are committed to grow their technical as well as interpersonal skills. In 2021, the society was sponsored by multinational technology giant SOLIDWORKS for two years with premium software tools that has assured that young researchers at society can dream big and fly high in the field of CAD and CAM.

Visit to know about the society members and the research activities of 2021-22 season.

2020-21 Season Highlights :

Society First Season Aftermovie :

Our Achievements:

  1. The Innovation Project titled ‘Ergonomics Ground Chair for Vegetable Vendors in India’ won Runner’s Up in Institute Innovation Contest 2020, organized by IIC, BIT Mesra (an Initiative by Ministry of HRD, GoI)
  2. The Research Project titled ‘Automobile based Heat Energy Recovery System’ has been published in WeenTech Proceedings in Energy, pg.: 11-23, International Conference on Innovative Development and Engineering Applications’21.
  3. Innovation project on minimization of touchpoints in Fuel Stations amidst COVID pandemic won runner up award in Campus Innovathon 2020 amongst over 1500 teams that participated from all over the nation.
  4. Top 5 finish in Hero Campus Challenge that sees over 15000 participants from all over the country. This competition is majorly inclined towards innovation of a component related to motorbikes.

Technical Projects And Research Activities :

The members undertake various research projects in the field of science and technology (inclined towards the concepts trending in the fourth industrial revolution), which is preceded by a planned training period including a study phase and a software-learning phase.

Completed research projects under SIME in 2020-21 season includes:

  1. Ergonomic Ground Chair for Vegetable Sellers in India
This product design and prototyping project was led by the senior researcher Utkarsh. He has designed an Ergonomic Ground Chair to solve the problem of small-scale industry workers who spend most of their work hours sitting on ground without any structural support to their back. The problem was identified and a very innovative design of ground chair was developed that is economical, space efficient, mechanically stiff, and most importantly ergonomic.


  1. EV Station Run by Non-Renewable Energy Sources
This project was led by Shivansh Goyal with his teammates Rumi Bharti and Utkarsh at the Society for Industrial Management and Engineering. Shivansh Goyal was also awarded with the title of ‘The Best Presenter’. The project was regarding the modification of fuel stations to make the operation possible with minimal touchpoints in times of pandemic. The calculations done in the project shows that the operation will become cost-efficient under 3 years of the initiation. Apart from this, the team also brought a remarkably interesting solution for fulfilling the power demand of Electric Vehicle Fuel Station by using renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy.
  1. Automobile based Heat Energy Recovery System
This project was led by Ishan Kashyap - a senior researcher at the society. The project is regarding the recovery and utilization of waste heat energy from an IC Engine equipped Automobile. About 60% of total energy of fuel is lost in form of heat and the project aims to create an effective system which can recover 50%-60% of that lost heat energy and store it in form of electrical energy in batteries which can be used to power other systems such as AC, lights etc., this method when merged with Kinetic energy recovery system can be utilized in Hybrid Vehicles and could increase the range of a hybrid vehicle by almost 40%.
  1. Vibration Analysis of Tennis Racket
A team of senior researchers at SIME, BIT Mesra is analyzing the vibrational aspect of tennis racket design. Rackets are subjected to a remarkably high variation in impact load, angle of strike, velocity and more which makes it an interesting component to analyze and optimize its design that shall be stiff, light and should provide an exceptional 'feel' to the player.
  1. Falling Asteroid Analysis
This short project was completed by a team of senior researchers at SIME led by Ishan Kashyap. The project focuses on the analysis of an asteroid entering our atmosphere using several factors such as temperature distribution, pressure distribution, velocity analysis and density variation. Such analysis can help in analyzing the true mass, volume, and speed of the asteroid with which it entered the planet's atmosphere.

Our Technical Publication:

SPARK (SIME's Production, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics Knowledge Blog) is the official publication of SIME, BIT Mesra. The contents oscillate in the dimensions of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM). The motive of this publication is to keep our followers updated about the trending technologies evolving in the IEM field. Time to time, we will also roll out blogs about the current research achievements of SIME, interviews from eminent industrialists and much more! Follow the publication to stay tuned to everything about the modern industries and how to adapt yourself for it. Website link:

Articles published under SPARK:

  1. EV Charging Station run by Renewable Energy Sources: An Idea Report
  2. Industrial Revolution Series
  3. ‘Achievers Archive’ Series
  4. Code Industry Challenge Solution
  5. The Amazon Phenomenon
  6. 5G Network
  7. Five Must Learn Software to Excel in Fourth Industrial Revolution

Social Media Series For Industrial Awareness:

The social media handles of SIME serve as excellent platforms to highlight industrial phenomena through series of posts and competitions which include:

  1. Insights Edge: Social Media Series that produced trending industrial happenings to tune BITians with the ever-evolving technology.
  2. Unfolding Industry 4.0: SIME brings the series "Unfolding Industry 4.0" of game changing modern technologies in the manufacturing industry that are helping manufacturers to reduce human intervention, increase plant productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Events And Workshop:

SIME events are a platform to sharpen our skills and progress further via the means of an effective and healthy competition. The events aim to motivate and provide a platform for eager students from various fields to compete and come out on top from amongst their fellow counterparts. Events are a fun and innovative way to inculcate the spirit of competition among the participants while putting them up against formidable challenges and bringing the best out of them. Every learning is best learned when it is understood and not just remembered. The workshops we have are curated to reinforce the process of learning and are ideally structured to improve the process of understanding. Workshops are an incredible way of interacting with interested and eager public and an efficient means of testing the conceptual depth and technical knowledge of the participants. Here are the events and workshop that has been conducted by society:

  1. Code Industry Challenge: This annual event tested the coding as well as industrial knowledge of the participants. The questions are designed with the objective of saving time and effort in industrial operations and management.
  2. Asta Di Autos: This event was organized in the format of an auction, where the participants had to design and assemble the best possible automobiles with their auctioned parts.
  3. Automobile And IC Engine Workshop: Focused on basics to advanced concepts in Automobile Engineering, this 2-day workshop focuses on all aspects of vehicle dynamics.
  4. Anvil: An interesting social media quiz event


For the knowledge enrichment of society members and general students of the institute, SIME regularly invites eminent personalities for webinars. Here are the webinars that have been conducted by SIME:

  1. Planning and Preparation Required to Excel in Industry 4.0

Speaker: Mr. Abhay Jha, an alumnus of BIT Mesra, Ranchi and SP Jain School of Global Management, SME, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Worley Engineering Singapore Pvt. Ltd (Formerly Jacobs Engineering) Singapore.

  1. The Art of Research Paper Writing

Speaker: Mr. Adak is a proud alumnus of BIT Mesra, K17 batch from Department of physics, an incoming Master Student at Abbe School of Photonics (University of Jena), Germany. He has also worked as a summer research intern at IIT Delhi in 2019 and at BIT Mesra in 2018. He was selected for poster presentation at international OSA Network of Students (IONS) India in 2020. In 2021 he worked as peer reviewer in IOP Publishing. He has published a paper on “Nanoantenna Enhanced terahertz interaction of Biomolecules.”


Learning From Alumni:

SIME regularly interviews and covers the achievement stories of alumni well placed in the industry so that the students can take inspiration and guidance from their journey. Till now the following coverage has been done:
Achievers’ Archive Series: Alumni were interviewed and the coverage was published on SPARK by SIME.

  1. Anirudh Raju: FTE at Hero MotoCorp
  2. Aditya Singh: GET at ITC Limited
  3. Anupama Vinayak: GET at Jindal Steel
  4. Anmol Mishra: GET at Hero MotoCorp

Weekend Tea with Achievers: Alumni are invited in a QnA session with society members and the excerpts of the session is published on society’s YouTube channel.

  1. Aditya Singh, GET at ITC Limited
  2. Ishika Priya, Analyst at Accenture

Alumni Survey: SIME surveyed over 200 alumni to understand the current demand of the industry, so that the relevant skills can be incorporated through our events and workshop.

Last Updated - 3-Sep-2021