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Webinar on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights

The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra was honored to have Mr. Vishal Charan, an esteemed alumnus (MBA 2006-2008) as the speaker for the webinar on - "Plagiarism and IPR". He graced the virtual stage with his presence on September 9th. At present he is serving as a HR Manager in SAIL Bokaro. Prior to this, he has worked with IDBI Bank. He unfolded the session by highlighting the importance of safeguarding our intellectual property, ideas, expression and creativity so that it remains our own original work. And as the whole academic world has shifted to the online mode, he also made the students aware regarding how they can get rid of piracy. He acquainted the students with the term "plagiarism" and its different types. Enlightening the students on how to protect their ideas, information, expression or thoughts he said- "Before disseminating any information we should get the information copyrighted or protected in terms of patent".

He apprised the students by saying that people who are in track of plagiarism they don't have knowledge about the scientific advances and hence, they get caught in domain of plagiarism. Along with that he also mentioned that some people do it intentionally as it is a faster way of writing whereas coming up with something new and innovative takes a lot of time. The webinar ended with Mr. Charan throwing light on the various ways through which one can avoid plagiarism. Overall, the session was engaging and enriching which gave important takeaways to the students.


Webinar on Emotional Intelligence for Future Workplace

Ms. Tuhina David is the Manager employee engagement at Mahindra Finance. She addressed the students in this arduous time of pandemic on a very important topic, “Emotional Intelligence and its impact on the individual and society as a whole”. In this tough time of Covid19 when the entire world stands on the edge of problems and recession at its peak, Emotional Intelligence has been constantly ignored at the most. Ms. Tuhina shared how emotional intelligence impacts an individual and their surroundings. Sharing her perspective on the topic, there was another factor which she talked about, IQ vs EQ in which she explained even a higher IQ doesn’t guarantee a successful life. At the same time a higher EQ could help in achieving one. She also spoke about sophisticated and high-tech technologies such as automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

She very well stated how a CEO is presented Machiavellian in the movies but in real there are some prominent Emotionally Intelligent CEO’s like Satya Nadela, Indra Nooyi, Ellon Musk who have had broken the stereotype of the Machiavellian image of CEOs. Introducing students to another exotic term “Amygdala Hijack”, a condition in which our brain responds to some higher emotional situations she displayed how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are need of the hour. World Economic forum ranked Emotional Intelligence as 1 of the top 10 skills needed for the 4th industrial revolution in 2020 and beyond. Entire session was packed with vibrant and exciting information which grabbed everyone’s attention throughout.



Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam (Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon)

Students of BIT Mesra were mystified by the presence of Mr. Ayush Nigam, disseminated his knowledge about his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Nigam enlightened how self believe and knowing oneself empowers a person. He shared enormous information discussing about the 7 pillars for entrepreneurial success. Well explained by him how technology and technologists play a significant role in framing a society of today’s world. Illuminating the young mind, he stated that more and more start-ups and technologies should be encouraged primarily focused on “REAL SOCIETAL PROBLEMS rather than just focusing on SOCIETAL NEEDS”. He asked students to lay more stress on themselves so that they would be able to identify the purpose beyond oneself as the world needs young talents and compassion with out of the box ideas. Mr. Nigam said how a youth has the energy and passion which could break and smash any barriers because as said by Elon Musk he loves to work with interns because they don’t know what cannot be achieved and that is the true power because people restrict themselves from the fear of the nature of the task that it couldn’t be completed. Webinar with Mr. Ayush Nigam (Co-Founder and CEO, Distinct Horizon) Overall, it was a mind-blowing session which enhanced and filled the students with immense knowledge and light.



Webinar on Legal Aspect of Domestic Enquiry

The Department of Management, BIT Mesra, had organized an online guest lecture on “LEGAL ASPECT ON DOMESTIC ENQUIRY “for the students of MBA. The speaker of the webinar was Ms. Sweta Sinha, Assistant HR Manager, TATA Metaliks Ltd. Her lecture was focused on “to highlight the procedure for conducting of fair and proper domestic enquiry to avoid unfavorable legal consequences” She unfurled the meeting by asking everyone to answer this question “What do you think is disrupting HR?”. The objective of this webinar was to highlight the procedure for conducting a fair and proper domestic enquiry to avoid unfavorable legal consequences. She told us about what actually domestic enquiry is “Domestic enquiry is like a preliminary in an official courtroom, however while a preliminary in a court is for violations done against society, domestic enquiry is directed for offenses submitted against the foundation for unfortunate behavior, culpable compelled/rules and guidelines of the association”. Followed by disciplines, indiscipline’s, complaint, preliminary enquiry, principle of nature justice in domestic enquiry, charge sheet.

In an organization domestic enquiry or preliminary enquiry is essential to eliminate any kind of discrepancy in work culture if any kind of conflict arises, she said while finishing off the lecture. Her lecture was extremely insightful and also enhanced the knowledge of various aspects of HRM for the students.