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Mr. Rakesh

Designation           Associate Lecturer

Qualification         B.E(Mechanical), M.E(CIDM), Thesis Submitted

Area of Interest     Computer integrated Design and Manufacturing

Research Field      Computer integrated Design and Manufacturing

Email id                 rak_niru@gmail.com

Contact no             +91 9470588848




Mr Manoj Kumar

        Designation           Assistant Professor

        Qualification         B.Tech(Mech.),M.Tech.,Ph.D Persuing,PGDMA-HR(Persuing)

        Area of Interest     Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines ,Thermal Engineering &                                          computational Fluid dynamics

        Research Field      Energy conversion device & Heat and fluid power.

        Email id                 manoj28@bitmesra.ac.in

        Contact no            + 91 8789260871






Mr. Prabhat Ranjan Mahto

Designation          Teaching Assistant

Qualification       B.E (Mech. Engg)

Area of Interest   Fluid Power and Hydraulic Machines,

Research Field    Renewable Energy

Email id                prabhat.mahto@gmail.com

Contact no           +91 9199381862


Mr. Ram Kishore Prasad

Designation          Technical Superitendent

Qualification       B.E (Mech.)

Area of Interest   Elements of Engg. Workshop Tech,Engg. Measurement

Research Field    Basics of Automobile Components and Heat Transfer

Email id                rk.ontherocks@gmail.com

Contact no           +91 9431103954