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Particulars of the Organisation, Function and Duties.


About the Institute

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Address of the Organisation



JHARKHAND - 835215

Powers and Functions of the Institute.

Institute shall have the following powers:


  1. To administer and manage the Institute and to establish other centres for research, extension and instruction as are necessary for the furtherance of the objects of the Institute.
  2. To establish, takeover and acquire by purchase, gift, or otherwise from the Government and other public and private bodies or individuals, any educational institution or institutions, libraries, laboratories, museums, collections, immovable properties, endowments or other funds together with any attendant obligations and engagements acceptable to the Board of Governors of the Institute and not inconsistent with the objects of sated in Clause (ii) above and to manage and or run the same.
  3. To establish courses of study and research and to provide instruction in such branches of Engineering, Technology, Management, Sciences and Arts, as Institute deems appropriate, for the advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge in such branches.
  4. To prescribe for the students prior to admission to the courses or during or on completion of the courses, such tests/examinations as may be determined from time to time, and declare results thereof.
  5. To confer degrees and to grant diplomas and/or certificates to persons who have satisfactorily completed the approved courses of study, and/or research, as may be prescribed and shall have passed the prescribed examinations.
  6. To fix, demand and receive fees and other charges.
  7. To establish, maintain and manage halls and hostels for the residence of students.
  8. To supervise and control the residence and  regulate the discipline of students of Institute and to make arrangements for promoting their health, general welfare and cultural and corporate life.
  9. To provide for the maintenance of units of the NCC, NSS and other similar bodies for the students of Institute.
  10. To Institute academic and other posts and to make appointments thereto.
  11. To make and amend such Rules and such Regulations as may, from time to time, be considered necessary for regulating the affairs and management of Institute and to alter, modify and to rescind the same.
  12. Subject to authorization by the Sponsoring Body to deal with any property belonging to Institute in such a manner as Institute may deem fit for advancing the objects of Institute.
  13. To receive gifts, grants, donations or benefactions, bequests, donations and transfers of movable and immovable properties from testators, donors, or transfers, as the, case may be  for the purpose of Institute, provided that no subscription, donation, transfer and gifts shall be accepted if they are accompanied by conditions inconsistent or in conflict with the objects of Institute.
  14. To establish and collect funds for the purpose of Institute.
  15. Subject to authorization by the Board to raise loans for the purpose of Institute.
  16. To co-operate with educational or other institutions in any part of the world having objects wholly or partly similar to those of Institute by providing academic support, exchange of teachers and scholars and generally in such manner as may be conducive to their common objects.
  17. To Institute and award visitorships, fellowships, prizes and medals.
  18. To own and run projects for research, development and training purposes of sandwich courses and for regular students.
  19. To constitute, for the benefit of the academic, technical, administrative and other staff, in such manner and subject to such condition as may be prescribed by the Regulations, such pension, insurance, provident fund and gratuity as it may deem fit for the benefit of any employees of the Institute and to aid in the establishment and support of associations, institutions, funds, trusts and convenience calculated to benefit the staff and students of Institute.
  20. To regulate the conduct and duties of the employees of Institute.
  21. To regulate and enforce discipline among the employees of Institute and to take such disciplinary measures in this regard as may be deemed necessary.
  22. To make arrangements for promoting the health and general welfare of the employees of the Institute.
  23. To provide instruction including correspondence and such other courses to such persons as are “not members of the Institute, as it may determine.
  24. To establish outside Ranchi, in or outside India, such campuses to provide facilities for instruction, research and extension as are necessary for furthering the objects of Institute.
  25. To maintain a fund to which shall be credited:
  1. All moneys provided by the Central or State Government/ University Grants Commission.
  2. All fees and other charges received by the Institute.
  3. All moneys received by the Institute by way of grants, gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests or transfers; and
  4. all money received by the Institute in any other manner or from any other source.
  1. To control and administer the property and funds of Institute, to invest the funds of Institute in the forms and modes specified in the Income Tax Act, 1961 for the time being in force.


  1. To maintain proper accounts and other relevant records, prepare an annual statement of accounts including the balance sheet in such form as may be prescribed by the Regulations.
  2. To create such development, sinking and reserve funds as are considered necessary to promote specific or long term objects of Institute.
  3. To create such co-operative welfare funds as are considered necessary to promote co-operate life and welfare of students, scholars and employees of the Institute.
  4. To constitute such committee or committees as it may deem fit.
  5. To delegate all or any if its powers to the Board of Governors or to any Committee or any sub-committee constituted by it or to the Chairman, Board of Governors or the Vice Chancellor of Institute; or to its other officers.
  6. To confer honorary degrees, distinctions and awards.
  7. To undertake educational experiments and evolve contents, systems and methods of education for the furtherance of the objects of Institute.
  8. To determine the standards for admission and the methods of admission to courses of Institute, which methods shall include examinations, evaluation, interview and other modes of testing.
  9. To appoint Visiting Professors, Emeritus Professors, Fellows, Scholars, Resident Designers, Resident Inventors, Technocrats or such other persons who may contribute to the advancement of the objects of Institute.
  10.  To approve persons working in any other institution co-operating, collaborating or associating with Institute.
  11. To appoint persons working in any University, institution or organization as teachers of Institute for a specified period; and
  12. To do all such other acts and things as Institute may consider necessary, conducive or incidental to the attainment or enlargement of aforesaid objects or any one of them.




Powers and duties of its Officers and Employees

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Board, Council and Committee


Composition of the Board of Governors

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BoG minutes

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Finance Committee

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Grievance Committee for Students

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Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)


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Directory of its Officers and Employees



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The monthly remuneration received by its officers and employees


Pay Structure

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Name and Designation and any other particular of the Public Information Officers


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