Life on Campus


The campus at BIT Mesra is a microcosm of a world in itself. It is not just enough to say that students find here a home away from home, for campus life for a BIT-ian is definitely a lot more. It is actually an involved experience, the essence of which becomes the steering force for many BIT alumni in the years thereafter - in other words, it's simply great!

One can feel the transition palpably the moment the University grounds are entered. The proximity of two rivers makes the sprawling green campus even more beautiful and an idyllic option for youngsters to hang out in. It is almost surprising how the campus is always alive with activity long outside the 'toil and trouble' induced by a comprehensive academic curriculum.

BIT's academic programmes are conceived with industry needs in mind and are constantly evolving with every advancement in respective fields. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art central facilities including an extensive library that is a model in its kind. Apart from these each department is supported by lecture halls, research and training laboratories, workshops and other learning facilitators.

Being a fully residential campus, living and learning go hand-in-hand at BIT Mesra with a wide array of co-curricular activities, hobbies and interactive clubs and societies to choose from. The surest way to merge naturally with BIT's close-knit community is to participate in its proactive social forums and programmes that cater to diverse interest groups. In addition to day-to-day events, BIT also holds annual fests on an extravagant scale that are very famous and popular with contemporary fest-hopping crowds.


Students Clubs and Societies 

Students Clubs and Societies constitute the core of BIT's campus experience and reflect the quality of excellence outside academic spheres. They serve as common forums to share and promote resources in diverse areas of interest.

Student activity hubs enhance learning by developing valuable personality traits and skills that aid their classroom training. While some bodies provide a strong platform to budding professionals for applying their classroom learning, others are vehicles for showcasing talent and connecting like-minded people. Students clubs and societies are also an excellent platform of interaction between existing students, eminent alumni and professionals in related areas of interest and of building networks while exploring career opportunities.

BIT students also represent world-renowned organizations like UNESCO, SPIC-MACAY and ROTARACT and are proactively involved in their activities.


Clubs and Societies at BIT 
  • Audio Visual Educational Club (AVEC)
  • Bhartiya Sahitya Parishad (BSP)
  • Music Club
  • Highlander Adventure Club (HAC)
  • Engineering Society
  • Indian Association for College Going Scientists (IACGS)
  • Institute of Electrical Engineers
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering Society
  • Organising Body of Students Of Architecture (OBSA)
  • Photographic Society

Sports Facilities




BIT campus life accommodates a prolific range of co-curricular activities as part of its daily routine. Apart from ensuring the physical well being of students, it is also essentially a way of life for BIT-ians and helps them come together on numerous occasions in a spirit of healthy rivalry and true sportsmanship. Whether it is a casual face-off between friends, intra-college championships or inter-college tournaments organised on a grand scale, students of BIT have proved their worth in the field of sports time and again.

The Department of Physical Education and sports regularly organises training camps and courses and is well equipped with appropriate facilities.



BIT's Games and Sports Complex includes: 

  • Gymnasium
  • Stadium for Track & Field events
  • Cricket, football and hockey grounds
  • Basket Ball, Volley Ball, tennis and badminton courts
  • Kho - Kho and Kabaddi grounds