Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Jha
Professor, Chemistry
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Contact Address
Permanent Address bariatu
Local Address bariatu
Phone (Office) 09955827985
Phone Residence 09955827985
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Joined Institute on : 12-Aug-1994

  Work Experience
Teaching : 22 Years

Research : 04 Years

Individual: 03 Years

  Research Areas

 Environmental Monitoring and Control with emphasis on modification of biomaterials for removal of pollutants from water

  Award and Honours
  1. DST FIST  fund for infrastructure development   1.6 crores (2012-2016)
  2. Mentorship for a D.S.Kothari Fellow(2013-2016)
  3.  UNICEF project on Fluoride estimation and  suggested remedial measures for various surface and ground  water  sources in  Daltonganj and Garhwah District of Jharkhand.(2011-2013)



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  Current Sponsored Projects

 BRNS sponsored project on Development of highly porous, nanostructure metal/mixed metal oxide spheres for removal of arsenic, 2016-2019)