Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Madhu Priya
Assistant Professor, Physics
Ph. D.
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Joined Institute on : 24-May-2017

  Work Experience
Teaching : 5 Years

Research : 9 Years

  Professional Background

Research Experience

Postdoctoral research fellow: February 2016 - December, 2016, Supervisor: Prof. Yitzhak Rabin; Department of Physics and Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, ISRAEL.

Postdoctoral research fellow: June 2013 – November 2015, Prof. Thomas Voigtmann, Institute of Materials Physics in Space, German Aerospace Center, Cologne, GERMANY.

Postdoctoral research fellow: February 2012 – October 2012, Prof. Olivier Rivoire, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, FRANCE.

Expert Collaborator: November 2011 – January 2012, Prof. Olivier Rivoire, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, FRANCE.

  Research Areas
  • Non-equilibrium statistical physics
  • Dynamics of supercooled liquids and glass transition
  • Collective behavior of self-propelled colloids
  • Rheology of complex fluids
  • Evolutionary biology
  Award and Honours
  • DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship, Germany, 2013-2015
  • CSIR-SRF in Physics, India, 2007-2010
  • CSIR-JRF in Physics, India, 2005-2007


  • Fragility and elastic behavior of a supercooled liquid, Madhu Priya and Shankar P. Das, Phys. Rev. E. 76, 061501 (2007), arXiv:0801.1377.

  • Elastic Behavior in a Supercooled Liquid: A Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Model, Madhu Priya and Shankar P. Das, Nonlinear Dynamics, Narosa Publishing House, 2009.

  • Nonlinear rheology of dense colloidal systems with short-ranged attraction: A mode-coupling theory analysis, Madhu Priya and Thomas Voigtmann, J. Rheol. 58, 1163 (2014), arXiv:1401.7451.

  • Qualitatively different collective and single particle dynamics in a supercooled liquid, Madhu Priya, Neeta Bidhoodi, and Shankar P. Das, Phys. Rev. E 92, 062308 (2015) arXiv:1511.00254.

  • Shear induced thermophoresis in a compressible Lennard-Jones fluid, Madhu Priya and Yitzhak Rabin, Submitted to J. Chem. Phys., arXiv:1703.10461.

  • Host–parasite coevolution: Role of selection, mutation, and asexual reproduction on evolvability, Madhu Priya, Prabhat K. Jaiswal, and Manish Dev Shrimali, Chaos 30, 073103 (2020).

  • Enhanced attraction between particles in a bidisperse mixture with random pair-wise interactions, Madhu Priya, and  Prabhat K. Jaiswal, Phase Transitions 93, 895 (2020).

  • Flow Behaviour of a model colloid-polymer mixture using mode-coupling theory, Madhu Priya, AIP Conference Proceedings 2265 (1), 030233 (2020).

  • Host-parasite coevolution: Role of spatial topography of fitness landscape on evolvability of hosts, Saumya Suvarna, Madhu Priya*, Nishi Srivastava, DAE-SSPS 2021, Solid State Physics (India) 55, 107-108 (2021).

  • Statistical and spectral analysis of wind over a strategic location, N Srivastava, J Divyam, U Ghosh, M Priya, N Saxena, M Kumar, Journal of Water and Climate Change 13 (9), 3305-3322 (2022).

  • Universal fast mode regime in wetting kinetics, SSH Zaidi, PK Jaiswal, M Priya, S Puri, Physical Review E 106 (5), L052801 (2022).

  • Machine learning based prediction of phase ordering dynamics, S Chauhan, S Mandal, V Yadav, PK Jaiswal, M Priya, MD Shrimali, Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 33 (6) (2023).

  • Host-Parasite Coevolution: A Review of Statistical Models, D Ganguly, and M Priya, Horizons in World Physics, Volume 310, Nova Science Publishers (2023).

  •  Cooperation: An Essential Coevolution Phenomenon, S Suvarna and M Priya, Horizons in World Physics, Volume 310, Nova Science Publishers (2023).



  Current Sponsored Projects
  • Seed Money Grant, BIT Mesra ( PI, Rs. 1 Lakh).
  • SERB-ECR Grant, DST India, 2018-2021 (PI, Rs. 22.45 Lakhs)
  • SERB-CRG Grant, DST India, 2022-2025 (Co-PI, Rs. 38.10 Lakhs )

DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow, Germany, 2013-2015