Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Virendra Singh Rathore
Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing
Ph.D. (RS), M.Sc. (Geology)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Village & Po.: Pirwa, Tehsil- Didwana, Dist. Nagaure-341318, Rajasthan
Local Address Department of Remote Sensing BIT Mesra
Phone (Office) 09431382641
Phone Residence 09431382641
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Joined Institute on : 1-Dec-2000
  Work Experience
Teaching : 15 Years

Research : 20 Years

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Assistant Professor

  • Teaching and Research


July 10, 2009 - till date


Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi


Scientific Officer

  • Teaching and Research


June 01, 2009-2010



Associate Lecture

  • Teaching and Research


April 26, 2003- May 31, 2009



Research Associate

·         Research and conducting labs

01.12.2000 -26.04.2003




  • DST sponsored project


B.M. Science & Technology Centre, Jaipur




  • Mining plan




S. Cement, Aburoad



Research Officer


  • Research projects




IIRM, Jaipur



Junior Hydrologist


  • Ground water exploration and topographic surveying




GWMIC, Udaipur


  Research Areas
  • Natural Resources,
  • Natural Disaster,
  • Microwave remote sensing,
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
  • Surface water quality assessment and modelling,
  • GPS, 
  • Mineral exploration
  Award and Honours


  1.   African Journal of Environmental Science & Technology
  2.  International Journal of Earth System Science
  3.  Journal of Earth System Science
  4. Reviewer for Int. Jour. Advancement Rem. GIS and Geography
  5. Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier) 



  1. Rathore, V.S. (2014). Delivered an Invited Lecture (as a Resource Person) on “Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Vegetation Discrimination and Pharmaceuticals” in the AICTE sponsored Quality Improvement Program on “Applications of Biotechnology in Modern Pharmacognosy” held during 5-18thDecember, 2014. Organised by Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi.

International Journals

  • Nathawat, M.S., Rathore, V.S., Pandey, A.C., Singh, Suraj, K. and Shankar, G. Ravi, 2010. Monitoring & analysis of wastelands and its dynamics using multi-resolution and temporal satellite data in part of Indian state of Bihar. International Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences, 1 (3), pp. 297-307.  
  • Rathore, V.S., Nathawat, M.S. and Champatiray, P.K., 2010. Palaeochannel detection and aquifer performance assessment in Mendha River catchment, Western India. J. Hydrol., 395 pp. 216–225, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2010.10.026, Impact factor-3.17. Sci indexed.
  • Nathawat, M.S., Rathore, V.S. and Sarkar Amrita 2009. Innovative approach towards creating maps for urban information system a study for Patna city in India. Abacus, 4 (2), pp. 53-60.
  • Rathore,V.S. Nathawat, M.S. and Champatiray, P.K., 2008. Influence of neotectonic activity on ground water salinity and playa development in the Mendha river catchment, western India. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 29 (13), pp. 3975-3986, Impact factor-1.72. Sci indexed.
  • Parihar, N., Das, A.  Rathore, V.S., Nathawat, M.S. and Mohan, S., 2014. Analysis of L-band SAR backscatter and coherence for delineation of land use/land cover, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35:18, 6781-6798, DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2014.965282. Impact factor-1.72. Sci indexed.
  • Dasgupta Arunima,  Sastry, K L N, Dhinwa,  P. S., Rathore, V. S  and Nathawat, M. S., 2013. Identifying desertification risk areas using fuzzy membership and geospatial technique – A case study, Kota District, Rajasthan. J. Earth Syst. Sci., 122 (4), pp. 1107–1124. Impact factor-0.95. Sci indexed.
  • R. NagarjunaKumar,, V.S. Rathore, K.Srinivas Reddy, M.S. Nathawat, 2015. Simulation of Grape Crop Future Water Requirement Using CROPWAT Model in Semi- Arid Region. Int. Jour. of Applied Engineering Research, Vol 10 (3), pp. 5867-5880. Scopus indexed
  • Soumyashree Kar, V.S. Rathore, P.K. Champatiray, Richa Sharma, S.K. Swain, 2016. Classification of river water pollution using Hyperion data, J. Hydrology, 537, pp. 221–233. Impact factor-3.17. Sci indexed.
  •  Suraj Kumar Singh,  A. C. Pandey, V.S. Rathore & M. S. Nathawat, 2014. Evaluating factors responsible for contrasting signature of wasteland development in northern and southern Ganga Plains (Bihar State, India) with focus on waterlogging, Arabian J. Geosciences (Springer), 7, pp. 4175–4190. Impact factor-1.22. Sci indexed 
  • N. Parihar, V.S. Rathore & Shiv Mohan 2016. Combining ALOS PALSAR and AVNIR-2 data for effective land use/land cover classification in Jharia coalfields region, International Journal of Image and Data Fusion, 8(2), pp.130-147. DOI: 10.1080/19479832.2016.1273258. Scopus indexed.

National Journals

  • Rathore,V.S. Nathawat, M.S. 2008. Remote Sensing for deriving neotectonic evidences from disorganized river course and riverine geomorphology of Mendha river of Rajasthan. The Icfai University Jour. of Earth Sciences, Vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 62-72. 
  • Nathawat, M.S., Rathore, V.S. and Sinha, A.K., 2007. A Geoinformatics approach for water resource development in hydrologically disturbed coal mining area. The Eastern Geographer, XIII (1), pp 38-41.
  • Impact of climate change on reference crop evapotranspiration in a semi arid area, 07.04.2014 Adv. Applied Res.
  • Assessing the Sensitivity of Reference Crop Evapotranspiration to Increase in Mean Surface Temperature in a Semi­arid Area Using CROPWAT,  pp. 33­37, June 2013. Int. Jour. Tropical Agri. Vol. 31 (1-2),


Books/ Atlas:

  • Contributed to Ground Water Prospects Atlas, Jharkhand, published by NRSC, ISRO, Hyderabad.
  • Contributed to Wasteland Atlas, Bihar, published by NRSC, ISRO, Hyderabad.
  • Contributed to Assessment of Irrigation Potential Atlas of AIBP Irrigation projects in Rajasthan (Chauli,   Panchana, Mahi Bajaj Sagar, Banswara). 
  • Monitoring Snow and Glaciers of Himalayan Region, published by SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad, September, 2016, ISBN:978-93-82760-24-5 
  Member of Professional Bodies

  1. Indian Society of Remote Sensing

  2. Indian Society of Technical Education

  Current Sponsored Projects


 Ongoing Projects


Sl. No.

Project Title

Name of the PI/Co-PI Collaborator

Name of the funding agency

Date of sanction

Sanctioned Amount (?)

Duration of the project


Ground Water Quality Mapping under RGNDWM- PH-IV in parts of M.P.

Dr. V. S. Rathore,

NRSC, DoS, Hyderabad



3 years



Monitoring Snow & Glaciers of Himalayan Region, Zanskar Basin (J&K) Ph-II

Dr. V. S. Rathore & SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad

MoEF and DoS



3 years



IWMP, Kanke, Ranchi

Dr. T. Ghosh, Dr. G. Pathak, Dr. A.P. Krishna and Dr. V. S. Rathore

MoRD, DoLR, GoI and GoJ



5 Years















Projects Completed

Sl. No.

Project Title

Name of the PI/ Co-PI/ Collaborator

Name of the funding agency

Date of Sanction

Sanctioned Amount (?)



Understanding Lunar Volcanism and Tectonism on Moon using Chandrayaan-1 data

Dr. V. S. Rathore & Dr. Mili Ghosh/ SAC, ISRO




2 Years



Hybrid Polarimetric Signatures study under desertic environment under RISAT-UP

Dr. V. S. Rathore &  Dr. Mili Ghosh/  SAC, ISRO




3 years