Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. R. K. Dewanjee
Assistant Professor, Physics
Ph. D.
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Permanent Address 66 DDA FLATS LADO SARAI NEW DELHI 110030
Local Address B-2/3A Outer campus BIT Mesra 835215
Phone (Office) 06512275522
Phone Residence 9818388035
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Joined Institute on : 19-Dec-2021

  Work Experience
  Research : 5 Years

Individual: 5 Years

  Professional Background

I am an experimental particle physicist currently working in the CMS experiment, which is one of the 4 large experiments currently underway at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN). My research is primarily focussed on Higgs boson physics with special emphasis on Higgs decays involving hadronically decaying tau leptons. I did my M.Sc in Physics from I.I.T Delhi and Ph.D from Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. I was a post-doctoral fellow in the Lab of High Energy and Computational Physics at the National Institute of Chemical Physics  and Bio-Physics (KBFI), Tallinn, Estonia.

  Research Areas

Experimental Particle Physics, Higgs Physics, Collider Physics

  Award and Honours
  1. Awarded diploma in advanced computing by the CERN IT department in association with Universidad Polytechnica de Madrid (Spain) at the CERN Computing School (CSC-2017).
  2. Obtained All India Rank 66 at the Graduate Aptitude Test Exam (GATE-2010) in Physics.
  3. Obtained All India Rank 32 at the National Eligibility Test (NET) in Physical Sciences with the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by the Council of Science and Industrial Resarch (CSIR) in 2009. 
  4. Won Gold Medal at the National Graduate Physics Exam (NGPE-2008) conducted by the Indian Association of Physics teachers (IAPT).
  5. Won the Delhi University All India Entrance Scholarship and held it for the full duration (3 years) of undergraduate studies.

The publication policy of particle physics experiments demand that they list all collaboration members as authors (in all publications) in strict alphabetical order. This reflects the acknowledgement of the considerable efforts from all collaborators in the detector construction, maintenance, data-acquisition, data-reconstruction and detector calibration which are pre-requisites to all data analyses. As a member of the CMS collaboration, I have authored more than 500 peer-reviewed journal publications. The total number of my citable papers (for the period, Jan. 2014-till today) are given at the Inspire-HEP link here:

The following are those CMS publications to which I have made significant personal contributions:

  1. “Evidence for direct decay of the 125 GeV Higgs boson to fermions”, CMS Collaboration, Nature Physics, 10, 557-560, 2014.
  2. “Evidence for the 125 GeV Higgs boson decaying to a pair of tau leptons”, CMS Collaboration, Journal Of High Energy Physics, 5, 104-176, 2014.
  3. “Search for neutral MSSM Higgs bosons decaying to a pair of tau leptons in pp collisions”, CMS Collaboration, Journal Of High Energy Physics, 10,160-214, 2014.
  4. “Search for Higgs boson pair production in the bbtautau final state in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV”, CMS collaboration, Physical Review D, 96, 072004-072029, 2017.
  5. “Measurement of Z to tautau cross section in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV and validation of tau lepton analysis techniques”, CMS collaboration, European Physical Journal C, 78, 708-750, 2018.
  6. “Observation of ttH production”, CMS collaboration, Physical Review Letters, 120, 231801-231818, 2018.
  7. “Evidence for associated production of a Higgs boson with a top quark pair in final states with electrons, muons and hadronically decaying tau leptons at √s = 13 TeV”, CMS collaboration, Journal Of High Energy Physics, 8, 66-121, 2018
  8. “Measurement of the Higgs boson production rate in association with top quarks in final states with electrons, muons, and hadronically decaying tau leptons at √s = 13 TeV”, CMS collaboration, European Physical Journal C, 81, 378-429, 2021.
  9. “Search for Higgs boson pairs decaying to WWWW, WWττ, and ττττ in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV”, CMS collaboration, To be submitted to JHEP soon.
  Member of Professional Bodies

Member of the CMS collaboration since 2012.