Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Prof. (Dr.) Amar Nath Jha
, Management
PhD, M.Com
Contact Address
Permanent Address BIT Mesra, Ranchi
Local Address BIT Mesra, Ranchi
Phone (Office) 9431389467
Phone Residence 9431389467
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Joined Institute on : 2-Mar-1985

  Work Experience
Teaching : 37 Years

Research : 25 Years

Individual: 10 Years

  Professional Background

PhD, M.Com

  Research Areas

Areas of Research : Microfinance


Registered & Awarded:

  1. A critical study of the implementation of ILO’s programmes in India, Completed and degree awarded to the candidate in 1993 from L.N.M University, Bihar
  2. Role of developmental agencies in the socio-economic development of tribes of Jharkhand Region –A case study of KRBI, Completed and degree awarded to Mr. I.B. Singh in Feb 2003 from the Department of Management B.I.T, Mesra.
  3. “Work Life balance of Indian expatriates: A case study of higher education teachers in Bahrain, Oman  and UAE” Completed & degree awarded to Mr. Pranav Naithani in Feb 2008 from the Department of Management BIT,  Mesra
  4. “A critical study of Capital Market in India with special reference to BSE”. Completed & degree awarded to Mr. Pradeep Munda in July 2013 from the Department of Management BIT,  Mesra.
  5. “Study of the role & effectiveness of ICT in e- Governance in India: A case study for Jharkhand State.”  Completed & degree awarded to Ms Tanushree Bhatnagar, in July 2013 from the Department of Management BIT,  Mesra.
  6.    Ms Nidhi Tiwari on the title “Women Entrepreneurs in Uttar Pradesh: An empirical

        study of success factors and growth prospects” in the month of Aug. 2012 under

        Department of Management, BIT Mesra.

  1. Mr. S.Shukla on the title “ Macro-economic risks for Mutual Fund Industry and Econometric Analysis”under Department of Management, BIT Mesra.

8.        Mr. Soumitro Chakravarty, on the topic “Impact of Self Help Groups on Women

   Empowerment & Health – A case study of Jharkhand State”

  2. Mr. Arif Habib, on the topic, “A Study of the Role of Cross-Cultural Differences and its Impact on Business: A Case Study of Indian FMCG Companies”


  1. Research Project – Completed and submitted an AICTE sponsored project under R&D scheme titled “A critical study of inventory management and its effectiveness in the small scale industries of Jharkhand state”, sanctioned on 1st April 2002.



  Award and Honours

          1) Merit Scholarship in B.Com.

           2) State scholarship in M.Com.



Research Publications:

Publications of papers in books:

  1. “Industrial Area Development Authority- Its Role in Entrepreneur Development in Backward Region of north Bihar” in the book “ Entrepreneurship Development of India” by Dr. Sammiudin on the occasion of 42nd All India Commerce Conference organized by the department of Management, BIT Mesra, 1988.
  2. “Planning of small Scale Industries” in the book of Entrepreneurship Development Programme, jointly sponsored by DST and   CST published by BIT-STEP, Mesra Ranchi.
  3. Paper entitled  “Role of Activity Based Costing in generating relevant cost information for Decision Making” on page no. 37 in the book “Managerial Rainbow” edited by Anjani Kumar Malviya, Department of Commerce & Business Administration, Allahabad.
  4. Growth Strategies to improve balance of payment conditions of India under Liberalized Environment in the book Organizational Strategies & Processes coordinated by Steel Authority of India Ltd & published by Viva Books

 Publications in National Journals:

  • “Forecasting of working Capital Requirements for SSI Units” A case study of M/s Ircon Pvt. Ltd., Management Spectrum, 2(1993), pp. 15-23.
  • Future outlook and suggestive Measures of Mutual Funds in India. Quarterly Journal of MTI, SAIL Ranchi.
  • Impact of Inventory Management in Empowering Small Scale Sector with special reference to Youth India Trading Company, Management Dynamics, (March 2003), Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow
  • Empowerment of Small Scale Sector, a challenge before Jharkhand, Xavier Research Journal,(Jan- April 2003) St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi
  • Role of Inventory management in Ancillary Units with special reference to the Development of Large Scale Industries, Growth 2003, Management Training Institute, SAIL, Ranchi.
  • Paper entitled “Role of Inventory Management in Ancillary units  with reference to the development of Large Scale Industries – Analytical study of Metal-O-Technik, Jamshedpur”  in the Journal of the Management Training Institute GROWTH, of SAIL.
  • Paper entitled “Trainer’s Dilemma – A case study on corporate Training” with Kishalay Bhattacharjee in the BMA Journal of Retail & Maketing Vol-1, Number 1, April 2010 issue.
  • Paper entitled “ An empirical study of work and family life spheres and emergence of work-life balance initiatives under uncertain economic scenario” with Pranav Naithani in GROWTH, vol. 37, No. 1, Apr – June 2009
  • Paper entitled “ Model of expatriate adjustment and framework for organizational support” with Pranav Naithani in the Alternative, journal  of management studies & research BIT Mesra, Vol-VIII, No. 1, Oct. ’08-Mar-‘09
  • Knowledge Management and E-Governance, Journal of Library and Information Management ISSN -0975-878X

10. Publications in international Journals:

  1. Paper entitled “Use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT’s) in E-Governance: A Review” with Ms Tanushree Bhatnagar & H.K. Singh in the International Journal of Emerging Technologies and sciences (IJ-ETA-ETS) ISSN: 0974-3588,  July’ 10 – Dec’10 , Volume 3: Issue 2
  2. ÏCT Applications in E-Governance, International Journal of Advances in Science & Technology Vol.1, Issue 4 Nov. 2010 ISSN: 2229-5216
  3. Ä study of ICT effectiveness in select government organization at Jharkhand State, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Vol. 3 Issue 6, June 2011, ISSN: 0975-5462
  4.  “WOMEN   EMPOWERMENT THROUGH SHGs – A CASE STUDY OF JHARKHAND STATE IN INDIA” has been approved and it will be published in Volume 4 Issue 1 of the Journal of Social & Psychological Sciences (Peer reviewed e-journal) with Soumitro Chakravarty
  5.  “HEALTH CARE & WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT: THE ROLE OF SHGs” has been accepted for publication in the first issue of the journal Health, Culture & Society (, a peer reviewed e-journal). This site is published by the University Library System of the University of Pittsburgh as part of its D-Scribe Digital Publishing Program and is cosponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Press. with Soumitro Chakravarty
  6. “Viability of credit scoring in Microfinance for developing countries” in the journal “International Review of Social Sciences & Humanities” Vol.3 No.1(2012) ISSN: 2248-9010(online), 2248-0715(print) with Soumitro Chakravarty
  7. “Women Empowerment in India: Issues, Challenges & Future Directions” in the journal “International Review of Social Sciences & Humanities” Vol.5 No.1(2013) ISSN: 2248-9010(online), 2248-0715(print) with Soumitro Chakravarty and Dr. Anant Kumar.
  8. “Assessing and Improving the Impact of Micro-Credit: Issues, Challenges and Future Directions” in the journal Review of Research Vol.2, No.11 (2013) , ISSN: 2249-894X, with Soumitro Chakravarty.
  9.  “Empowerment Inequity of Microfinance Intervention: Role of Communication in Community Participation” with Ms Shreya Patel, in Journal of Content, Community and Communication, June 2020 edition, (Year-6, Vol. 11) ISSN 2395-7514 (Print) and 2456-9011 (Online). Journal is peer reviewed and indexed in SCOPUS, UGC Care and ICI.
  10.  “Socio Economic Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups and Microfinance: Empirical Evidence from Jharkhand” with Ms Shreya Patel, in TEST Engineering and Management, May-June 2020 issue, ISSN: 0193-4120, page no. 816-830. Peer Reviewed and indexed in SCOPUS.
  11. “The Role of Demographic Variables in Social Upliftment of Women through Microfinance Intervention' with Ms Shreya Patelpublished in PONTE Multidisciplinary Journal of Sciences and Research, Vol. 76, NO. 4/1, April 2020, ISSN: 0032-423X, DOI: 10.21506/j.ponte.2020.4.8, page no. 84-103. Journal is peer reviewed and indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI), Arts Humanities and BIOSIS previews.
  12. “The Grey Areas of Microfinance”, with Ms Shreya Pateland Dr. Soumitro Chakravarty published in ARISCOM Journal of Management, Vol 1, Issue 2, September 2019, page nos. 29-34 ISSN: 2581-9631.
  13. "The Impact of Microfinance on Socio Economic Upliftment of the Economically Weaker Section of Ranchi District” with Ms Shreya Patelpublished in International Journal of Current Trends in Science and Technology, Vol 7, Issue 10 (2017) ISSN 0976-9730 (online), ISSN – 0976-9498 (print).
  14. "Microfinance in times of Natural Disaster – A case of Nepal Earthquake” with Ms Shreya Patel inInternational Conference On Business And Human Resource Management conducted by Society of Technical and Management Professionals at Eranakulam, Cochin on 20th – 21st February 2016, Book titled Strategic Human Resource and Business Management, Bharti Publications, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-85000-61-4 6.
  15. “Scope Enlargement of Microfinance Through Optimum Use of Existing Infrastructure and Manpower” with Ms Shreya Patel published in Jharkhand Journal of Social DevelopmentVol VII, No. 1 & 2, 2014, ISSN 0974 651x, December 2014.
  16. Prasad, S., Jha, R., & Jha, A.N. (2024). “A Study of Capital Structure of Indian Manufacturing Small and Medium Consumer Goods  Enterprises”,  International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, (accepted on 27th January, 2024) 
  17. Prasad, S., Jha, R., & Jha, A.N. (2023). “Capital Structure Determinants of Indian Small and Medium Auto Component Enterprises- Justifying                        theories of Capital Structure”, International Journal of Business Innovation and Research (forthcoming), (accepted on 09th April, 2023)


 National Conference Proceedings:

  1. “A New Dimension of Capital Structure” A Case Study of Bihar State Sugar Corporation Ltd., 43rd All India Commerce Conference, Jammu, October 1989.
  2. “Quality of work Life-concept and Process” in the Indian Journal of commerce on the occasion of XIV All India Commerce Conference, Bangalore 1992.
  3. Co-operative Movement in India with Special Reference to Credit and banking Societies in North Eastern Railway, XIVI All India Commerce Conference, Rohtak, December 1992.
  4. Status of Indian Consumers with special Reference to Unfair Trade Practices, XIVIII All India Commerce Conference, Wrangal (A.P), December 1994.
  5. Paper entitled “E-Governance and ICT”  with Ms Tanushree Bhatnagar in the Proceedings of the National Conference, ETCSIT 09, April 17 & 18, 2009 Pooja Bhagwat Memorial Mahajan P.G. Centre, Mysore, Karnataka.
  6. Marketing Prospects of Merchant Banking in India Published in the Proceedings of Marketing Summit-2000.
  7. “Tapping the Untapped Potential of Information Technology to Accelerate Productivity & Economic Growth: A Case of Developing Economies” in proceedings of 56th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics(ISLE), 18-20 December, 2014 at BIT Mesra with paper presentation.