Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Praveen Mishra
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
BE(Mechanical), M.Tech (CIDM),Ph.D.(Mechanical) ,PGDM (IIM-Ranchi)
Contact Address
Permanent Address BIT
Local Address BIT
Phone (Office) 0651-2275924
Phone Residence 9431327060
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Joined Institute on : 24-Jan-2004
  Work Experience
Teaching : 14 Ye Years

Research : 14 Ye Years

  Professional Background
  • Worked as a Research Associate in the Iron-making group, Research and Development Division of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur from10th June 2002 to 22nd January 2004, On the project titled “Physical model studies of the hearth drainage phenomena of Blast Furnace” 
  • Worked as Project Engineer at Sharp Engineers Ltd. A/17, H-Block, MIDC, Pimpri, Pune from 18thJuly 1997 to 17thAugust 2000.
  Research Areas
  • Process Modelling
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Non Conventional Energy
  • Solar Energy Technology
  • Industrial Management

List of Publications


International Journals: 

  1. Praveen Mishra, S.K.Ajmani, Arbind Kumar and K.K.Shrivastava, “Review Article on Physical and Numerical Modelling of SEN and Mould for Continuous Slab Casting” International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST),ISSN:0975-5462, Vol.4 No.05 May 2012,pp.2234-2243.
  2. Praveen Mishra, S.K.Ajmani, Arbind Kumar and K.K.Shrivastava, “Experimental Investigation of SEN and Mould for Continuous Slab Caster by Physical Modelling”, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST), ISSN: 0975-5462, Vol.4 No.06 June 2012, pp.2748-2758.
  3. A.Sengupta, P. Mishra, V. Singh, S. Mishra, P. K. Jha, S. K. Ajmani andS. C. Sharma, “Physical modelling investigation of influence of strand blockage on RTD characteristics in multistrand tundish”, Ironmaking Steelmaking, Vol.40 Issue 3, April 2013, pp.159-166.( Taylor and Francis) (SCI Journal)
  4. Rohit Y Jambhulkar, Vikas Singh, Praveen Mishra, Raghavendra Krishnamurthy, “Role of Thermal Driven Buoyancy Flow on Solidification Process of Continuous Slab caster”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology,ISSN:2319-8753, Vol.5,Issue 4, April 2016.
  5. Praveen Mishra, Subrata Sarkar, “Experimental Investigation of Slag Splashing      in a Converter”, International Advanced Research Journal in Science,Engineering and Technology (IARJSET), ISSN:23938021, Vol.4, Special Issue 3, Februaryl 2017.

National Journal:

  1. B.S.Desai, S.K.Ajmani, S.N.Lenka, P.Mishra and S.Ganguly “Physical model Study of Hearth Drainage Phenomena of Blast furnace” Tata Search- 2004, pp.61-66.


International Seminar/ conference:

  1. A.Sengupta, P.  Mishra, V. Singh, S Mishra, P K Jha, S.K. Ajmani, “Effect of Strand Blockage on Fluid Flow Characteristics in a Six Strand Billet Caster Tundish Using Water Modelling” International Conference on Advances in Materials and Materials Processing (ICAMMP-2011) during 9-11 December, 2011,Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. 
  2. Praveen Mishra, K.K.Shrivastava, MrityunjayK.Singh, “Scale Model Experiment and CFD verification of SEN and Mould for Continuous Slab Caster”, International Conference on Computational Methods in Manufacturing(ICCMM 2011),December 15-16, 2011 ,Department of Mechanical Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.
  3. Wazeda Begum, Praveen Mishra and Tapan K Rout, “Characterization of Magnetic Magnetite Nano-particles for Heat Transfer”. International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology (MPT-2013), 10-12 December 2013, CSIR-IMMT, (Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology) Bhubaneswar.
  4. Rohit Y Jambhulkar, V Singh, P Mishra, R Krishnamurthy, “Numerical study of thermal driven buoyancy flow effect on solidification process of continuous slab caster”. International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications (IConAMMA-2016), 14-16 July 2016, Bangalore.
  5. Singh Rahul Manoj, Vikas Singh, Praveen Mishra, “Characterization of Various Tundish Design by Normalization of Plug Volume and Dead Volume”. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology, 1 May 2016, Mumbai. (ISBN:9788192958060)
  6. Praveen Mishra, Subrata Sarkar, “Experimental Investigation of Slag Splashing      in a Converter”. International Conference on Cutting Edge Technological Challenges in Mechanical Engineering,(CETCME-2017), February 18-19, 2017 ,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET),Greater Noida, India.
  7. G Sasi Sekhar and Praveen Mishra, “Design and Selection Criteria for Experimental Study of Fluid Flow Behavior in a Continuous Casting Mold”, International Conference on ‘Advancements and Recent Innovations in Mechanical, Production and Industrial Engineering” (ARIMPIE-2017)’, 21-22 April 2017 Noida, Uttar Pradesh,India.


National Seminar/ Conference:

  1. Praveen Mishra and Sabin Mishra, “Physical model study of Hearth Drainage Phenomena of Blast Furnace By using NDE Techniques” National seminar on Role of NDE in Modern Maintenance Management, IACR Engineering College, Rayagada, Orissa. 12-13 March, 2005.
  2. Vivek Kr Gaba and Praveen Mishra, “Recent Trends in Biogas Plant Design for The Performance of Duel Fuel Engine”, National conference on Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Technology,National Engineering College, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu.   9-10th Dec.2005
  3. Praveen Mishra, Anand Kumar, VivekGaba,“Hearth Conditions of a Furnace with Reference to Hot Metal Flow”, 32ndNational Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power  ,Department of Mechanical Engineering,TPCT College of Engineering,Osmanabad, Maharashtra ,15-17, December 2005.
  4. Praveen Mishra and S.Karmakar, “Non-Linear Simulation of Flexibly Supported Finite Turbulent Flow oil Journal Bearings”, National Conference on Recent Advances in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT, Rourkela, 21-22 January,2006.
  5. Praveen Mishra, O.P.Pandey, Anand Kumar and Vivek Kr. Gaba, “Experimental Investigation of Bio-Gas Plant for running Duel fuel Engine”, National Seminar on Integration of Energy From Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources, LaxmiNarain College of Technology, Bhopal, 7-9 October,2006.
  6. Pradeep K.Jha, S.S.Mohapatra, P.Mishra and PankajkumarJha, “Numerical Investigation of mixing capability of different Configuration Tundishes” , National Conference on Frontiers in Chemical Engineering,NCFCE-2007,12-14 December,2007; IIT Guwahati.
  7. AnkitDrolia, R.P.Sharma, Praveen Mishra, O.P.Pandey and Arbind Kumar, “Micro- Hydal Turbine (Cross-Flow)”, National Conference on New and Renewable Energy: Prospects an Challenges, BIT Mesra,Ranchi, 17-18 December, 2007.
  8. Praveen Mishra and K.K.Shrivastava, “Experimental Analysis of Meniscus Fluctuation in a Continuous Casting Mould”. National Seminar on Development in Materials and Manufacturing Process (DMMP-2011), March, 5, 2011. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Raajdhani Engineering College, Bhubaneswar.
  9. Ravi Golani,Raahul Krishna, Vikas Singh, Praveen Mishra, S.K.Ajmani,AnuragTripathi, AnupTrivedi, “Influence of Casting Parameters on Fluid Flow Phenomena in Slab Casting Mould using Physical Modelling”. National Conference on Iron and Steel Technologies-Research and Application (ISTRA-2012), 14-15 December, 2012. Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT BHU, Varanasi.



  Text and Reference Books

Physical modelling of fluid flow in Submerged Entry Nozzle and Mould-An experimental approach to study the performance parameters, Lambert Academic Publishing, 978-3-659-78652-5. 2015