Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Mrs Rohini Jha
Assistant Professor, Management
Ph.D, MBA (IT)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Ranchi
Local Address BIT Campus, Ranchi
Phone (Office) 06512275233
Phone Residence 0
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 29-Apr-2008

  Work Experience
Teaching : 16 Years

Research : 9 Years

  Professional Background

Faculty at Sikkim Manipal University Centre from Sep 99 to  March 2002  2yrs

Faculty of Management Development Program in Infovein software at Lucknow from 2002 to 2005  3yrs

Started research work at Bit Mesra from 17th Jan 2007

Joined as Assistant Professor in dept of Management on 28th April 2008

  Research Areas
  • e- Governance
  • Multicriteria Decision Modeling


  Award and Honours
  1. Invited as a Resource person in the National Conference on “ Emerging Trends in Innovative and sustainable Business Practices “ on 13/10/22 to 14/10/22 organized by Faculty of Commerce & Management  at Sarla Birla University , Ranchi – Jharkhand.

International Journal Article

1 . Prasad, S., Jha, R., & Jha, A.N. (2024). “A Study of Capital Structure of Indian Manufacturing Small and Medium Consumer Goods  Enterprises”,  International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, (accepted on 27th January, 2024) 

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DOI: 10.1504/IJBIR.2023.10056846

  3. Jha, R., & Basu, A.  (2022). Perception Of Citizen Towards E-Governance In India: Comparative Analysis In Education, Healthcare And Agriculture Industry. International Journal of   Business Performance Management1(1), 1.

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 11.Jha Rohini , Shivani .S "E-Governance Assessment of States and UTs of India through EAF " published in International Journal of Arts and Commerce, vol 7 No3, ISSN:1929-7106, page no 135-147, Aril 2018

12 .Jha, R., and Sivani, S., Towards a Methodology for Defining Implementation Strategies for E-governance Adoption: Indian States, International Journal of Applied management and technology, Vol 5, No 3., 2008 pg 117-138.   


National Journal Article

  1. Rohini Jha. Realizing the Growing Popularity of Mobile Commerce. NOLEGIN Journal of Management Information System.2019:2(2):4-10,

  2. Rohini Jha. Understanding The Culture of Telecommuting and Employee Performance. NOLEGEIN Journal of Information Technology & Management. 2019; 2(1): 17–22p, July 2019 

  3. 1. Rohini Jha . Reanalyzing the Socio Technological Interoperability Issues of e-Governance. NOLEGEIN- Journal of Management Information Systems, [S.l.], p. 31-37, July 2018. ISSN 2581-6810


Webinars/workshop Attended 


  1. “Enriching the Quality of Teaching -Learning Process in the present Scenario” held on 10/5/23  organized by The Value Education Cell , Birla Institute of Technology” Mesra, Ranchi.
  2. Participated in 2hrs webinar on “ Default is Digital: Trends & Opportunities “ on 4/6/22 organized by BVICAM-New Delhi.
  3. Participated in 2 hrs  webinar on “ Business Education Innovations in the YUCA World “ organized by Globsyn Buiness  School on 7/10/21
  1.   “ IPR Strategy and Cleantech InnovationTURNIP INNOVATIONS ( 1.5 hrs webinar) on 16/7/21.
  1. . "Introduction to Recruitment Analytics"  TURNIP INNOVATIONS (1.5 hrs  webinar) on 3/10/20.

      6. ".Professional Patent Landscaping Workshop"  TURNIP INNOVATIONS (1.5 hrs  webinar) on 29/9/20

      7."Internet of Things Bootcamp" sponsored by TURNIP INNOVATIONS ORGANIZED BY YUPS TECH Solutions 11 /9/20 (1.5 hrs webinar ).

     8. .FDP (two hrs online mode) “Use of LMS ,Virtual Teaching and OBE Software"  organized by Vmedulife software services,on 10/9/20.

    9. One day online Webinar on " IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL BEING" organized by TEQIP-III,Department          of    Bioengineering, BIT Mesra,Ranchi on 8/8/20

 10. "Challenges Involved in Simulating the Complex Systems" (one day webinar)organized  by Department of physics, BIT Mesra Ranchi,  on 25/7/20.

11.  "Battle against COVID-19: challenges and Interventions" (one day online webinar) BIT Mesra ,Ranchi Dept of BioengineeringTEQIO-III sponsored on 27/6/20.

12. Building Economic and Business Resilience Agility and Sustainability in the Post COVID -19 Era” (Online International webinar organized & sponsored by Globsyn business school  on 20/6/20 .

13. One day FDP  "Teaching learning in a digital age" TEQIO-III sponsored , BIT Mesra, Ranchi on 13/9/19

14. Two day Workshop on Participant Centered Learning " 25/5/19 to 26/5/19 , IIM Ranchi

15. Workshop on "Effective Teaching " , BIT  Mesra Ranchi, 11/8/08 to 14/8/08




  1. participated & completed successfully AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Advanced FDP on "Design Thinking" from 31/112/2021 to 4/12/2022 organized by  National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research , Chandigarh
  2. participated & completed successfully AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Advanced FDP on "Applications of Blockchain Technology and AI in Services Sector" from 15/11/2021 to 19/11/2021 organized by  Acharya Bangalore B School
  3. Five days FDP ( Online mode) “  Challenges and Opportunities in Cyber Security With Current Tools and Techniques”  Department of CSE , CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad , 5/7/21 to 9/7/21 . 

4 .Five days FDP (online mode) ".Cyber Security and Investigation Tools” TEQIP-III, Department of CSE, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, 11/9/20 to 15 /9/20.

5 .Two weeks Faculty Development Program on "Delivering Online Course using CANVAS LMS" (online mode) organized by TEQIP-III, BIT Mesra Ranchi, from 27/7/20 to 5/8/20. 

6. Five days "Emerging Technologies for Education and Research in Industry" (Online Mode FDP) , sponsored by IEEE Delhi Section & Industry Institute Partnership, organized by Bharti Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management(BVICAM ,6/7/20 to 10/7/20.

7.. Five days FDP"Training on Digital Marketing "(Online Training) sponsored by Tirutsava IIT Tirupati, organized by Edulakes Solutions LLP, 29/6/20 to 3/7/20

8.Five days  Faculty Development program(online mode) on " Blockchain Technology " sponsored by IIT Roorkee organized by Finland Labs(A Unit of Revert Technology Pvt Ltd.) In Association with IIT Roorkee  from 8/6/20 to 12/6/20.

9 .Five  days(online mode) FDP  "AI & Its Applications" sponsored by Edulabs(Esoir Business Solutions ) 18/5/20 to 22/5/20

10. FDP " Foundation Program in ICT for Education"  IIT Bombay, MHRD,GOI 8/3/18 to 12/4/18

11. Two day workshop on "Outcome Based Accreditation"  TEQIP-III sponsored, BIT Mesra Ranchi, 18/3/18 to 19/3/18

12. FDP " Pedagogy for Online and blended Teaching -Learning Process" IIT Bombay, 3/5/18 to 30/5/18

13. Five days workshop on "Cyber Crime And Investigation"  TEQIP-III sponsored, Dept of CSE, BIT Mesra, Ranchi. 18/12/17 to 22/12/17

14. Participated in 85th Orientation Program , Ranchi University , 16/5/16 to 12/6/16. obtained Grade A

15. . Two week FDP "Pedagogy from Outcome Based Management Education " , AICTE sponsored , BIT Mesra Ranchi. 21/4/15 to 5/5/15

16. Five days FDP " Contemporary HR Trends and Practices" AICTE sponsored ,BIT Mesra, Ranchi, 15/04/15 to 19/04/15

17. FDP " Statistical Modelling for Data Analysis (SMDA), IIT Kharagpur, 30/6/08 to 13/7/08

Publications in Proceedings

        1. Shweta Kumari, Rohini Jha and Prabhat Ranjan , “ A Bibliometric and Citation Network Analysis of Bank’s Performance : Traditional Vs Frontier Approach “ in                2nd  PRITAM SINGH MEMORIAL (PRISM) CONFERENCE held at IIM Nagpur during Nov 17-19, 2022

        2. Shweta Kumari , Rohini Jha , “ Role of Technology in Sustaining the Financial Performance of Banks During the COVID-19 Pandemic . Evidence from India”                    International Conference on Sustainable Goals ( ICSG 2022) hosted by IIM Bodh Gaya during 16/9/22 -17/9/22.

        3. Shweta Kumari, Rohini Jha, Supriyo Roy"A Critical Review of Bank's Performance : Traditional vs. Frontier Approach " International Conference on Sustainability:              Research, Education and Practice (30th-31st May 2022) organized by Department of Management, BIT Mesra Ranchi.     

        4. Jha Rohini , Prasad Sunit , Examining Digital Divide as one of the Barriers in Financial Inclusion, International conference on Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth  ,  Ranchi                 University , 24th & 25th Nov 2018

        5. Prasad Sunit ,Jha Rohini , Financial Inclusion and Financial Education are complementary for the growth of Micro , small and Medium Enterprises : An Indian case International                  conference on Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth ,  Ranchi University , 24th & 25th Nov 2018

Paper Presentation

  1. Paper presentation titled “Review On Internet Of Things in Enterprise Resource Planning” in International Conference on Innovative Research Practices in Social in Social Science organized by Department of Business Administration IEM , Kokatta on 10/12/21 to  12/12/21


  Text and Reference Books


  1. Jha, R. and Shivani, S., 2020. Adoption Of E-Governance In India. 1st ed. Pune: Kripa Drishti. ISBN- 978-81-946587-3-3

Book Chapter 

    1.   Jha, R. (2023). Survey on Blockchain Technology and Security Facilities in Online Education. In: Panda, S.K., Mishra, V.,       Dash, S.P., Pani, A.K. (eds) Recent Advances in Blockchain Technology. Intelligent Systems Reference Library, vol 237. Springer, Cham. 

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        Financial Inclusion", published in "Information Technology For Management" Kripa Drshti ,Pune,India ISBN :978-81-



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