Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Subhendu Naskar
Associate Professor, Chemistry
M.Sc. , Ph.D.
Contact Address
Permanent Address Kamardang; P.O.-Belsingha; P.S.-Falta; Dist-24 Parganas (S); West Bengal; Pin-743504
Local Address Qtr. No- C-II/80, Birla Institute of Technology-Mesra, Ranchi
Phone (Office) 9479162183
Phone Residence 9470162183
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 10-Aug-2009

  Work Experience
Teaching : 12 Years

Research : 19 Years

Individual: 13 Years

  Professional Background

10/08/2009 onwards : Assistant Professor in the chemistry Dept.; Birla Institute of Technology-Mesra, Ranchi

  Research Areas

Renewable Energy Research:

  • Photosynthetic Water Oxidation, Hydrogen Evolution, Reduction of CO2 into valuable chemical feedstock- Electrocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic methods
  • Photoelectrochemical Solar Cell
  • Dye sensitized Solar Cell

Biocoordination Chemistry:

Development of metalloenzymatic mimics

Design, synthesis and characterization of model complexes for different biological catalysis. Studying the catalysis with suitable methods utilizing spectroscopic techniques e.g., FT- IR, UV-Vis-NIR, NMR, EPR, Fluorescece etc; Electrochemical techniques e.g., Cyclic voltammetry, Differential Pulse Voltammetry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Coulometry etc. and theoretical investigation by means of DFT-TDDFT study

  Award and Honours
  • 2008: DST Fast Track Young Scientist
  • 2006: Post doctoral research associate, University of Paris, France

1.Electrocatalytic water oxidation by heteroleptic ruthenium complexes of 2,6-bis(benzimidazolyl) pyridine Scaffold: a mechanistic investigation; Sahanwaj Khan, Swaraj Sengupta, Md. Adnan Khan, Md. Palashuddin Sk and Subhendu Naskar; Dalton Trans., 2023, Advance Article;

2. Manganese based Molecular Water Oxidation Catalyst: From Natural to Artificial Photosynthesis; Mohammad Adnan Khan, Ushir Ranjan Sen, Sahanwaj Khan, Swaraj Sengupta, Sonal Shruti, Subhendu Naskar; Comments on Inorganic Chemistry; 2022, 43, 3, 223-256; doi: 10.1080/02603594.2022.2130273

3. Chemical and electrochemical water oxidation catalyzed by heteroleptic Ru (III) complexes of anionic 2,6 pyridine dicarboxylate ligand: Experimental and theoretical study;  Sahanwaj Khan , Subhendu Naskar; Polyhedron; 2022, 222, 115898


4. Square planar Ni(II) thiosemicarbazone complexes as functional models for carbon monoxide dehydrogenase; Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Heike Mayer Figge, William S. Sheldrick; Journal of the Indian Chemical Society;2022, 99(5), 100422

5. Electrocatalytic hydrogen production and carbon dioxide conversion by earth abundant transition metal complexes of the Schiff base ligand:(E)-1-((2-dimethylamino)-propylimino)methyl)naphthalene-2-ol; Swaraj Sengupta, Sahanwaj Khan, Binitendra Naath Mongal, William Lewis, Michel Fleck, Shyamal K. Chattopadhyay, Subhendu Naskar; Polyhedron;2020,191, 114798, Doi: 10.1016/j.poly.2020.114798


6. Trinuclear copper and mononuclear nickel complexes of oxime containing Schiff bases: Single crystal X-ray structure, catecholase and phenoxazinone synthase activity, catalytic study for the homocoupling of benzyl amines; Swaraj Sengupta, Sahanwaj Khan, Shyamal K. Chattopadhyay, Indrani Banerjee, Tarun K. Panda, Subhendu Naskar; Polyhedron;2020,182, 114512, Doi:10.1016/j.poly.2020.114512


7. Mn(IV), Co(II) and Ni(II) complexes of the Schiff bases of 2-hydroxy-naphthaldehyde with amino alcohols: synthesis, characterization and electrochemical study; DFT 4study and Catecholase activity of Mn(IV) complex; Shipra Sagar , Arfa Parween , Tarun K. Mandal , William Lewis, Subhendu Naskar; Journal of Coordination Chemistry; 2020,73, 20–22, 2919–2940


8.Mn(III) and Cu(II) complexes of 1-((3-(dimethylamino)propylimino)methyl)naphthalen-2-ol): Synthesis, characterization, catecholase and phenoxazinone synthase activity and DFT-TDDFT study; Swaraj Sengupta, Binitendra Naath Mongal, Suman Das, Tarun K. Panda, Tarun K. Mandal,Michel Fleck, Shyamal K. Chattopadhyay, Subhendu Naskar; Journal of Coordination Chemistry;2018,71-8, 1214–1233

9. Ruthenium(II) complexes of thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, DFT studies and fluoride sensing properties; Bipinbihari Ghosh, Piyali Adak, Subhendu Naskar, Bholanath Pakhira, Partha Mitra, Rupam Dinda,Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Inorganica Chimica Acta;2017,459,1-14


10. Ruthenium(II/III) complexes of redox non-innocent bis (thiosemicarbazone) ligands: Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, electrochemical, DNA binding and DFT studies; Bipinbihari Ghosh, Piyali Adak, Subhendu Naskar, Bholanath Pakhira, Partha Mitra, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Polyhedron,2017 ,131, 74–85

11. Ci-Symmetry, [2 - 2] grid, square copper complex with the N4,N5-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-1H-imidazole 4,5-dicarboxamide ligand: structure, catecholase activity, magnetic properties and DFT calculations; Arfa Parween, Sumita Naskar, Antonio J. Mota, Arturo Espinosa Ferao, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay,  Eric Rivie`re, William Lewis and Subhendu Naskar;NewJ.Chem.,2017 ,41, 11750-11758

12. Cubane-like tetranuclear Cu(II) complexes bearing a Cu4O4 core: crystal structure, magnetic properties, DFT calculations and phenoxazinone synthase like activity; Shipra Sagar, Swaraj Sengupta, Shyamal K. Chattopadhyay, Antonio J. Mota, Arturo Espinosa Ferao, Eric Riviere, William Lewis, Subhendu Naskar; Dalton Trans.;2017,46, 1249-1259

13. Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical and theoretical study of substituted phenyl-terpyridine and pyridine-quinoline based mixed chelate ruthenium complexes; Binitendra N. Mongal, Subhendu Naskar; J. Coord. Chem;2017,70,3; 451–462

14. Coordination complexes of Schiff base ligand: 5-diethylamino 2-thiazole 2-yliminomethyl phenol with manganese, cobalt, nickel and copper; phenoxazinone synthase like activity of copper complex; Shipra Sagar, Subhendu Naskar; Journal of the Indian Chemical Society; 2017, 94, 29-36

15. Synthesis and Characterization of 1,2,4-triazole containing Schiff base ligands and their Cu(II) complexes; Arfa Parween, Subhendu Naskar; Journal of the Indian Chemical Society; 2017,94, 135-140

16. Ruthenium Complexes of Substituted Terpyridine and Pyridyl-quinoline Based Ligands with Ancillary Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, Electrochemical Study and DFT Calculation; Binitendra N. Mongal,  Sumita Naskar, Arunava Pal, Sayantani Bhattacharya, Dr.Tarun K. Mandal, Jayati Datta, Subhendu Naskar; Chemistryselect;2016,1, 3276 – 3287

17. A Novel Ruthenium Sensitizer with -OMe Substituted Phenyl-Terpyridine Ligand for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells; Binitendra Naath Mongal, Sayantani Bhattacharya, Swaraj Sengupta, Tarun Kanti Mandal, Jayati Datta, Subhendu Naskar , Solar Energy;2016  , 107-118, 134

18. Complexation study of schiff base ligand: pyridine-2-ylimino methyl naphthanol with Co+2, Mn+2 and Ni+2 ions in solid and solution phase; Shipra Sagara, Binitendra Naath Mongala, Abhijit Duttab, Paritosh Mondalb, William Lewis, Nadis Sabaa,, Subhendu Naskar ; Journal of Coordination Chemistry,2016 ,69-15, 2364–2376

19. Synthesis, characterisation, electrochemical study and photovoltaic measurements of a new terpyridine and pyridine-quinoline based mixed chelate ruthenium dye; Binitendra Naath Mongal , Arunava Pal ,Tarun Kanti, Mandal, Jayati Datta , Subhendu Naskar ; Polyhedron, 2015,102, 615-626

20. Acid–base behavior, electrochemical properties and DFT study of redox non-innocent phenol–imidazole ligands and their Cu complexes; Arfa Parween, Tarun Kanti Mandal, Régis Guillot , Subhendu Naskar ; Polyhedron, 2015,99,34-46

21. Synthesis, characterization and theoretical studies of the heteroleptic       Ruthenium(II) complexes of 2,6-bis(benzimidazolyl)pyridine; Sumita Naskar, Bholanath Pakhira , Dipankar Mishra, Partha Mitra, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Subhendu Naskar ; Polyhedron,2015,100, 170-179

22. Heteroleptic Ru(II) complexes containing aroyl hydrazone and 2,2'-bipyridyl:  Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, electrochemical and DFT studies; Bipinbihari Ghosh, Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Arturo Espinosa, Sam C.K. Hau, Thomas C.W. Mak, Ryo Sekiya, Reiko Kuroda and  Shyamal Kumar      Chattopadhyay; Polyhedron;2014 ,72, 115-121

23. Synthesis, X-ray Crystal Structures, and Spectroscopic, Electrochemical,and  Theoretical Studies of MnIII Complexes of Pyridoxal Schiff Bases with Two  Diamines; Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Ray J. Butcher, Montserrat Corbella, Arturo Espinosa Ferao and Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Eur. J. Inorg. Chem,2013, 3249–3260

24. X-ray crystal structure and magneto-structural correlation of [Cu(dmoTSCH)Cl]2 .H2O (dmoTSCH = monoanion of diacetylmonooxime thiosemicarbazone); Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Heike Mayer-Figge, William S. Sheldrick, Montserrat Corbella, Javier Tercero, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay , Polyhedron,2012, 35, 77-86

25. Synthesis, X-Ray Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of 1,2,3,4-      Tetrahydro-2-(thenyl)-3-(N-thenylidine)-4-oxoquinazoline; Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Alexander J. Blake, Haregewine Tadesse and Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Journal of Chemical Crystallography; 2011, 41, 986-990

26. Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of cobalt(III) complexes of some aroyl hydrazones. X-ray crystal structures of one cobalt(III) complex and two aroyl hydrazone ligands ; Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Satyajit Mondal, Paresh Kumar Majhi, Mike G.B. Drew and Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Inorganica Chimica Acta; 2011 , 371, 100-106

27. Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, spectroscopic and cyclic voltammetric studies of Cu(II) Schiff base complexes of pyridoxal; Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, Hake M. Figgie , William S. Sheldrick , Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Polyhedron,2011 , 30 , 529-534

28. Synthesis, crystal structures and spectroscopic properties of two Zn(II) Schiff’s base complexes of pyridoxal; Subhendu Naskar, Sumita Naskar, Hake M. Figgie, William S. Sheldrick and  Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay ; Polyhedron,2010 29,1, 493-499

29. Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure and spectroscopic properties of two Ni(II) complexes of pyridoxal Schiff’s basas of diamines. Importance of steric factors in  stabilization of water helices in the lattices of metal complex; Inorganica Chimica Acta;2010,363, 404–411

30. Structural and spectroscopic properties of Ru(II) complexes of 4-    (aryl)thiosemicarbazones of thiophen-2-carbaldehyde; Sumita Naskar, Subhendu Naskar, M. G. B. Drew, S. I. Gorelsky, Lassalle Benedikt, Ally Aukauloo, S. K. Chattopadhyay; Polyhedron, 2009 , 18-28, 4101 – 4109

31. Boron-Capped Cobalt Trisglyoximato Complexes as Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen  Evolution: X-ray, Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Characterisations, Olivier Pantani, Subhendu Naskar, Régis Guillot, Pierre Millet, Elodie Anxolabéhère-Mallart, Ally Aukauloo; Angewandte Chemie; 2008 , 47, 9948-9950

32. Synthesis, X-ray Crystal Structure and DFT Calculations of bis(N-(2-picolyl) picolinamido) Mn(III) Hexafluorophosphate; Sumita Hazra, Subhendu Naskar, Dipankar Mishra, Serge I. Gorelsky, Heike M. Figgie, William S. Sheldrick, S. K. Chattopadhyay; Dalton Trans; 2007 ; 4143-4148

33. Crystal engineering with aroyl hydrazones of diacetyl monooxime – Molecular and supramolecular structures of two Ni(II) and two Zn(II) complexes; Subhendu Naskar, Dipankar Mishra, Ray J. Butcher and Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Polyhedron;2007,26,14, 3703-3714.

34. Versatility of 2,6-diacetylpyridine (dap) hydrazones in generating varied molecular architectures: Synthesis and structural characterization of a binuclear double helical Zn(II) complex and a Mn(II) coordination polymer; Subhendu Naskar, Montserrat Corbella, Alexander J. Blake and Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Dalton Trans.;2007 , 1150–1159

35. Synthesis, characterization, spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of trans,trans,trans-bis(triphenyl phosphine) bis(aroyl hydrazonato)ruthenium(II) complexes; Dipankar Mishra, Subhendu Naskar, Alexander J. Blake, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Inorg. Chim. Acta;2007, 360, 2291-2297

36. Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of [Ni(dap(A)2)]2 (dap =  2,6-    diacetylpyridine bis(anthraniloyl hydrazone) a molecule possessing an infinite double helical chain  in the solid state. Subhendu Naskar, Dipankar Mishra, Alexander. J. Blake and Shyamal. K. Chattopadhyay; Structural Chemistry, Special Issue- Structural Science in India; 2007 ; 18, 217–222

37. Synthesis, spectroscopic and redox properties of some ruthenium(II) thiosemicarbazone complexes: Structural description of four of these complexes; Dipankar Mishra, Subhendu Naskar, Michael G. B. Drew and Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Inorg. Chim. Acta;  2006 ,359, 585-592

38. Versatility of 2,6-diacetylpyridine (dap) hydrazones in stabilizing uncommon              coordination geometry of Mn(II): Synthesis, spectroscopic, structural characterization and magnetic properties of several seven and eight coordinated MnII complexes; Subhendu Naskar, Dipankar Mishra, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Montse Corbella, Alexander. J. Blake; Dalton Trans,.2005 , 2428-2435

39. Mononuclear and binuclear ruthenium (II) complexes with 4-(phenyl)thiosemicarbazone of benzaldehyde: A discussion on the relative stabilities of the     four      membered  and    five    membered   chelate  rings  formed   by  the ligand; Dipankar Mishra, Subhendu Naskar, Mike G. B. Drew, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Polyhedron, 2005 , 24, 1861-1868

40.Versatility of 2,6-diacetylpyridine (dap) hydrazones in stabilizing uncommon              coordination geometry of Mn(II): Synthesis, spectroscopic, structural characterization and magnetic properties of several seven and eight coordinated  MnII complexes; Subhendu Naskar, Dipankar Mishra, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Montse Corbella, Alexander. J. Blake; Dalton Trans.,2005 , 2428-2435


41. Synthesis, crystal structure determination, spectroscopic and electrochemical  studies of trans-[Ru(PPh3)2(bbpH2)Cl]Cl.CHCl3.H2O(bbpH2=2,6-bis(benzimidazolyl) pyridine) – an infinite double columnar supramolecule in the solid state; Dipankar Mishra, Subhendu Naskar, Shyamal K.Chattopadhyay,Milan Maji, Parbati Sengupta, Rupam Dinda, Saktiprasad Ghosh, Thomas C. W. Mak ; Transition Met. Chem.;2005 ,30 352-356

42. Ruthenium(II/III) mediated transformation of 1,2-bis(2?-pyridylmethyleneimino)  benzene (L) to 2-(2?-benzimidazolyl) pyridine (L′H) and its in situ formed  complexes with Ru(II) : X-ray structure of trans-[Ru(PPh3)2 (L′H)2](ClO4)2 ; Dipankar Mishra, Subhendu Naskar, Raymond J. Butcher, Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Inorg. Chim. Acta , 2005,358, 3115-3121

43. Synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of some heteroleptic tris- chelates of ruthenium(II) involving 2,2?-bipyridine(bpy) and N-(aryl) pyridine-2-aldimine (L) : X-ray crystal structures of [Ru(bpy)(L2)2](ClO4)2.H2O and 3-N (4- tolyl) imidazo [1,5a] pyridinium perchlorate; Dipankar Mishra, Subhendu Naskar,Bibhutosh Adhikary, Raymond J. Butcher,  Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay; Polyhedron,2005 ,24, 201-208.

44. Reaction of cis- Ru (bpy )2 Cl2 with 1-phenyl  5-(aminophenyl) 9-(2-pyridyl)benzimidazole derivatives : Crystal structures of  N-(4- chlorophenyl ) imidazo [1,5a] pyridine  and cis-[ Ru ( bpy )2 ( MeCN )2] (ClO4)2; Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Kamala Mitra, Subhendu Biswas, Subhendu           Naskar, Dipankar Mishra,Bibhutosh Adhikary, Roger G. Harrison, John F. Cannon; Transition Met. Chem;2004,29,1-6

45. Studies on the relative stabilities of Mn(II) and Mn(III) in Complexes with N4O2  Donor Environments: Crystal Structures of  [Mn(pybzhz)2] and [Mn(Ophsal)(imzH)2] ClO4 (pybzhz = N-(benzoyl)-N¢ - (picolin­ylidene) hydrazine, Ophsal = N, N¢ -o-phenylene­bis­(salicylidene­imine), imzH=imidazole) S. Naskar, S. Biswas, D. Mishra, B. Adhikary, L. R. Falvello, T. Soler,   C.H. Schwalbe , S. K.  Chattopadhyay; Inorg. Chim. Acta.; 2004, 357, 4257-4264.








































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1. "Development of Transition Metal Complexes as Water Oxidation Catalyst" - Extra Mural Research (EMR) Funding project sponsored by SERB-DST, New Delhi

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