Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Chandralata Bal
Associate Professor, Chemistry
M. Sc. Tech. Ph.D. (CDRI-CSIR, Lucknow)
Contact Address
Permanent Address A-27, Hariom City, Rudiya Road, Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India-835217
Local Address A-27, Hariom City, Rudiya Road, Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India-835217
Phone (Office) 916512276531
Phone Residence 9471559220
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Joined Institute on : 30-Jun-2009

  Work Experience
Teaching : 7 Years

Research : 16 Years

Individual: 16 Years

  Research Areas

Organic & Medicinal Chemistry, Development of New Antiviral Molecules

  Award and Honours

CSIR-CDRI Research Fellowship (2001-2004)

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for Complex Carbohydrate Research, Athens, Georgia, USA (2006-2007), College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia, USA (2007-2008)


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  3. Ramakrishnamraju Samunuri, R., Jha, A. K., & Bal, C.; Rhodium catalyzed stereospecific reductive
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  Member of Professional Bodies

Life Member of Indian Society of Chemists and Biologist (ISCB)

  Current Sponsored Projects
  1. Dr. C. Bal (Co-PI); Development of compounds that selectively destroy HIV-1-infected cells. 11 Lacs, Kagoshima University, Japan, (2018-Continue)



  1. Discovery of HepDirect Nucleotide Prodrug as Anti-Hepatitis B Agent. 18 Lacs (2010-2014) SERB DST:  SR/FT/CS-069/2009.; Feb 02,  2010
  2. Winged Helix domain-oligonucleotide recognition as an axis to develop PfRIO-2 specific inhibitor: implication in anti-malarial drug development: DR. C. BAL (PI); 36 Lacs; 2011-2014; DBT: BT/41/NE/TBP/2010.; DEC 22, 2010
  3. Synthesis and Evaluation of Carbocyclic Nucleoside Analogs with Exocyclic Double Bond as Anti-HBV HepDirect Prodrug; Dr. C. Bal (PI); 4.4 Lacs; UGC: F. N.39-705/2010(SR): JAN 12, 2011

  Text and Reference Books
  1. Jena, N.; Bal, C.; Sharon, A., Plant and marine products: a promising hope in the search of therapeutics against dengue. In Discovery and Development of Therapeutics from Natural Products Against Neglected Tropical Diseases, Elsevier: 2019; pp 385-405.
  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

1. Novel pyranone carboxamide derivative and use thereof as Anti-Hepatitis C Virus drug, Masanori Baba, Ashoke Sharon, Chandralata Bal, and Ananda K Konreddy; Publication No: WO2015008779 A1, Application No: PCT/JP2014/068880, Priority Date: July 17, 2013. Publication Date: Jan 22 2015.

2. Anti-hepatitis B virus drugs, Masanori Baba, Takayuki Hamazaki, Ashoke Sharon, Chandralata Bal, Anandarajan Thiyagrajan and Mohan Kasula, Japanese Patent Application number: JP 2013-254236, Filing date: Dec. 9, 2013.

3. Anti-hepatitis B virus drugs, Masanori Baba, Takayuki Hamazaki, Ashoke Sharon, Chandralata Bal, Anandarajan Thiyagrajan and Mohan Kasula, Japanese Patent Application number: JP 2013-254238, Filing date: Dec. 9, 2013

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