Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Manju Bhagat
Professor, Management
Ph.D., LLB, MA
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Permanent Address 404,Birendra Sudha Apartment,Burdwan compound,Ranchi-834001
Local Address 404,Birendra Sudha Apartment,Burdwan compound,Ranchi-834001
Phone (Office) 2275233
Phone Residence 9431106340
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Joined Institute on : 6-Jul-2002

  Work Experience
Teaching : 28 Years

Research : 28 Years

  Professional Background
  • Professor- in-charge of News and Publication Society, 1995-96, BIT, Mesra.
  • Rapporteur National Seminar on “Rehabilitation of Surplus Workers”, organized by ILO and IID, February 17-18, 1996, Jaipur. (Published)
  • Rapporteur National Seminar of “Future of IR & IR in Future”, IIRA & FES, April 2-4 , 1996, New Delhi.
  • Rapporteur Annual Conference, ISLE, V,V. Giri NLI, Noida, December 22-24, New Delhi.
  • Rapporteur National Seminar On “Voluntary Retirement Problems and Prospects of Rehabilitation”, SRC, New Delhi, December 5-6, 1996.
  • Rapporteur National Seminar on “Labor Reforms  and Safety Net”, New Delhi, September 4, 2001. (Published)
  • Member Executive Committee, ISLE, from January 1998-1999.Vice President, Indian Society of Labor Economic (ISLE) – 2014-15.
  • Member of various committees of BIT, Mesra like hospital committee, Kishlay Vidhya Mandir committee, Admission committee, Women’s cell committee etc.

Consultancy Assignments Undertaken:

  • Faculty, IPP, World Bank in Bihar January, 1993- July 1996.
  • Faculty, Worker’s Education Programmes, Bihar, January 1994- July, 1996.
  • Faculty, MECON, Correspondence Course, BIT, Mesra, May 1989- July 1996.
  • Faculty, Power Gird Corporation and NTPC, New Delhi.
  Research Areas
  • Labour Economics and Human Relations
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Industrial Relation,.
  Award and Honours
  • Rapporteur Annual Conference, ISLE, V.V Giri, NLI, Noida, December 22-24, 1996
  • Rapporteur National Seminar on “Voluntary Retirement: Problems and Prospects of Rehabilitation: SRC, New Delhi, December 5 - 6, 1996.
  • Rapporteur National Seminar on “Labour Reforms and Safety Net”, New Delhi, September 4th, 2001.
  • Rapporteur National Seminar on “Future of IR & IR in future”, IIRA and FES, 2nd -4th April, 1996.
  • Rapporteur National Seminar on “Rehabilitation of Surplus Workers” organized by ILO & ISLE at Patiala, 17th – 18th February, 1996.
  • Associated with Patna, Ranchi, Magadh, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, Utkal, VinobhaBhave&SiduKanhu, Murmu Universities and different other management institutes in the region in various capacities.
  • Vice President, Indian Society of LabourEconomic (ISLE)– 2014-15.

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Papers Presented in Seminars/Conferences

1.(1992, October 18-19) Production Through New Work Culture; All India Management          Congress, New Delhi.

2.(1993, January 02-04) Strikes and Lockouts; 31st Annual Conference of the ISLE, JNU, New Delhi. Sponsored by International Federation of Building and wood workers, New Delhi.

3.(1994, January 15-16) New Tech: Its impact on HRD; NIPM, Ranchi.

4.(1994, January 21-23) Tech & Quality of Work Life; 35th Annual Conference of the ISLE, GLI, Ahmedabad.

5.(1994, November 26-27) Challenges for HRM with Response to Globalisation in Health Care Organization; Hospital convention, IHA & IICM, Ranchi.nence

6.(1998, January 02-04) Poverty & Minimum Wages. 40th Annual Conference of the ISLE, Trivendum, Kerala.

7.(2000 December) Labour- Management Relation at Enterprise Level: A case study of Bharat Electronics Ltd. Presented in the Indian Society of Labour Economics, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

8.(2003, February 19-20) Re-Energising Enterprises through HRD. MTI – SAIL, Ranchi.

9.(2005, March 10-11) Legal Framework – Environmental Legislation. Green productivity & Sustainable Development Organized by Environmental Science & Engineering Group, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

10.(2008, April 3-6) Networking: The sourcing Techniques of Recruitment, Society for Advance management, International conference, Arlington, Virginia, USA.

11.(2004) Re-Energising Enterprises through HRD MTI – SAIL, Ranchi. Published in the MTI Foundation Day issue of growth.

12.(2014, December) ManjuBhagat, Milli Dutta, Nitesh Bhatia. Nitty Gritty of industrial relations getting feeble: A case of Nokia, Sriperumbudur plant.

Seminars/Round-Table Organized:

1.(2001, February 02) Work life of Nurses. Held atDr. Ram ManoharLohia Hospital, New Delhi.

2.(2001, March 17-19) Closure of Industries in Delhi. Held at Annexe Indian International Centre, New Delhi.

3.(2014, December) Organizing Secretary of 56 Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour Economics at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi.

4.(2015, April 6 – 19) Faculty Development Programme organized in BIT, Mesra.

Seminars/Conferences Attended:

1.(Since 1991) Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics.

2.(1994, November 11-13) Building Corp. Culture through HRM. Ranchi.

3.(1995, December 08-10) Structural Adjustment Programme, ANSSI, Patna.

4.(1995, February 17-19) Rehabilitation of Surplus Workers, Jaipur.

5.(1996, September 18-20) Structural Adjustment & Industrial Relations scenario in South Asian Countries, New Delhi.

6.(1996, December 5-6) Voluntary Retirement: Problems & Prospects of rehabilitation, New Delhi.

7.(1997, May 27)Impact of Globalization of Industrial Relation organized by IAMR and IIID – New Delhi.

8.(1997, December 22-24) Emerging Perspectives in Development, IAMR and IHD, New Delhi.

9.(1999, December 10-11) Labour Laws and Trade Unions ASSOCHAM and FES – New Delhi.

10.(2001, September 4) Labour Reforms and Safety Net. ASSOCHAN & FES, New Delhi.

11.(2004) Re-Energising Enterprises through HRD MTI – SAIL, Ranchi. Published in the MTI Foundation Day issue of growth.

12.(2009) Recruitment Trend in India & Study of Pune Region, Virginia University, SAM, U.S.A.

13.(2014) SLE Conference.

14.(2015, August 1-3) International Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Development in India, New Delhi. Organized by IHD, NITI AYOG, GOI,Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning and University of Florida.

15.(2016, July 29-31) International Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Jharkhand opportunities and challenges, Ranchi.     


  Member of Professional Bodies


  1. (1990 onwards) Life Member of the Indian Society of Labour Economics.
  2. (1990 onwards) Life Member of the International Industrial Relations Association.
  3. (2011onwards)  Life Member of The Indian Institute of Public Administration.
  4. (8th October , 2020 onwards) Nominated as Member of Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority(JHALSA) , Ranchi
  Current Sponsored Projects


Dynamics of Change in Urban Informal Employment: Insights from Panel Data of two Indian Cities

Dec 2016 – in progress

Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi

Director: Amitabh Kundu, IHD, New Delhi,


Manju Bhagat,

A.N Sharma


  Text and Reference Books


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Book Review

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