Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Prabal Datta
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Contact Address
Permanent Address West Bengal
Local Address Dept. Of Mathematics, BIT Mesra
Phone (Office) 6290856884
Phone Residence 8290856884
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 15-Aug-2002

  Work Experience
Teaching : 19 Years

Research : 18 Years

Individual: 14 Years


(1) Prabal Datta, D. Anilkumar, Satyajit Roy, N.C. Mahanti “Effect of non-uniform slot injection (suction) on a forced flow over a

     slender cylinder” : July 2006 International Journal of Heat and   Mass Transfer 49(13):2366 

     2371 DOI:  10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2005.10.044

(2)  Prabal Datta, Satyajit Roy, Nirmal Chandra Mahanti, “Non-similar solution of an unsteady mixed convection flow over a

       vertical cone with suction or injection” : January 2007, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 50(1-2):181-187

(3) Satyajit Roy, Prabal Datta, R. Ravindran, E. Momoniat,  “Non-uniform double slot injection (suction) on a forced flow over a 

      slender cylinder”  July 2007, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 50(15-16):3190-3194.

(4) Prabal Datta, S.V. Subhashini, R. Ravindran, “Influence of surface mass transfer on mixed convection flows over non-

     isothermal horizontal flat plates” March 2009, Applied Mathematical Modelling 33(3):1285-1294


(5) Devarapu Anilkumar; Prabal Datta; Bishun D. Pandey, “Mixed convection flow over a slender cylinder due to combined effect

     of thermal and mass diffusion”,  International Journal of Aerodynamics, 2016 Vol.5 No. 3/4