Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Syeda Darakhshan Jabeen
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
B.Sc. (Mathematics Honors), M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), Ph.D (Mathematics)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Bhagalpur, Bihar
Local Address Department of Mathematics Birla Institute of Technology Mesra Ranchi-835215
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Phone Residence Mobile- 7839041289
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Joined Institute on : 1-Apr-2015

  Professional Background

1. Research Associate, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata, August 2012- February 2014

2. Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, April 2014-March 2015

  Research Areas
  • Developing Soft computing based hybrid algorithms for optimizing nonlinear functions 
  • Mathematical Modelings and Simulation
  • Vehicle vibration control problem
  • Chaos and multi-stability of nonlinear dynamical system
  Award and Honours
  1. SERB International travel grant for attending International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM2019), Universitat de València, Valencia, Spain, July 15-19, 2019
  2. Awarded NBHM Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  3. Best paper presentation award in the National Conference on Role of Mathematics in Advancement of Science and Technology, Oct 18--20, 2013, Lucknow, India
  4. Received International financial award of 520USD from Research council of Omam for delivering a talk in the 19th International conference on difference equations and applications, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, May 26--30, 2013.
  5. Awarded Research Associate Fellowship, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  6. Awarded full financial grants with an additional amount of 600 Euros  from Bernoulli Society to attend and deliver talk in the 8th World Congress in Probability and Statistics,  9-14 July 2012 and Pre-World Congress Meeting of young Researchers in Prob. and Stat. 6-8 July 2012, Koç Üniversitesi at Istanbul
  7. Nominated as Chair person in the Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Computing for the section Evolutionary Learning, Genetic Algorithms & Optimization,  11-14 August 2011, Zhengzhou, China
  8. DST International travel grant for Seventh ICIC conference,  11-14 August 2011, Zhengzhou, China
  9. Selected among the best 6 Young Scientist in the section of Mathematical Sciences, under 98th ISCA Young Scientist Award Program 2010
  10. Appointed tutor in Mathematics Training and Talent Search (MTTS) programme May 23- June18, Visva Baharati University, 2011
  11. GATE 2010 in Mathematical Science
  12. Awarded CSIR Fellowship,2008
  13. Secured 4th Position in M.Sc Examination
  14. Selected as Project fellow under U.G.C Special Assistance Programme (DRS Phase-III), New Delhi
  15. Distinction in English in ISC board Examination, New Delhi
  16. Received medals and prizes in sports activities at school, inter school competitions, district level competitions and at ISI Kolkata



1. Assistant warden of hostel 8 , Feb 2016 to Feb 2019

2. NSS Programme Officer since April 2018



Virtual International Conference on Soft Computing, Optimization Theory and Applications, Department of Mathematics, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, 26-27 March 2021




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Publication as book Chapter:

  1. Syeda Darakhshan Jabeen,  Vehicle Vibration and Passengers Comfort., Advances in Computational Intelligence, Vol 509, page 357-372, 2017    * in Springer
  2. S. D. Jabeen and R. N. Mukherjee, Vibration Control of a Vehicle Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6839, 2011, Pages (121–128), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011


  1. Universitat de València, Valencia, Spain, July 2019
  2. Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, May, 2013
  3. Koç Üniversites, Istanbul, Turkey, July 2012
  4. Tongji University, Shanghai, China, August 2011
  5. North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 2010


  1. Talk on "Algorithm for robust global optimization." as Eminent Speakers of One Day National Level Webinar On “Recent Trends in Applied Mathematics” Organised By: Department of Mathematics(UG & PG) in Collaboration with IQAC Ramananda College, Bishnupur, Bankura, WB, 16th September, 2020  
  2. Talk on 'Strong decision making based algorithm for robust global optimization', ICIAM2019, Universitat de València, Valencia (Spain), July 15th- 19th, 2019.
  3. Talk on “Multi-section oriented algorithm for unconstrained global optimization”, at ATM Workshop on New Directions in PDE Constrained Optimisation, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 12 – 16 March 2018
  4. Presentation on "Designing vehicle parameters using Split and discard decision making strategy”, at Workshop on Applied Optimization Models and Computation, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre, January 28-30, 2015.
  5. Presentation on “An approach to design vehicle parameters” at the International conference on Recent trends in algebra and analysis with applications, Aligarh Muslim University, 12-14 February 2014
  6. Invited talk on "Vibration control of passengers in moving vehicle", Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, 22nd October 2013
  7. Talk on “Optimization algorithms” at International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, 26 - 30 May 2013.
  8. Talk on "Design of passive non-linear suspensionusing soft computing technique", International Conference organised by IMBIC at Calcutta Mathematical Society, 21 - 23 December 2013
  9. Contributed talk “A new approach for constrained global optimization", in the 8th World Congress in Probability and Statistics,  Istanbul, 9-14 July 2012
  10. Seminar talk “Development of Genetic Algorithms and Applications”, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata, 24th August 2012
  11. Presentation on "Optimal design of suspension component of a half car model using GA based heuristic method", National seminar on Integration of Mathematics with interdisciplinary subjects", Jadavpur University, 27-28 March 2011
  12. Talk on "Vedic Mathematics", International conference on knowledge globalization, North South University, Dhaka 8-10 May 2010
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  Text and Reference Books

Syeda Darakhshan Jabeen, Javid Ali, Oscar Castillo, Soft Computing and Optimization, ISSN 2194-1009; E-ISSN 2194-1017, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (PROMS, volume 404)

  Member, Editorial Board


1. International Journal of System and Sciences, Taylor and Francis

2. Vehicle System Dynamics, Taylor & Francis

3. Journal of Engineering Optimization, Taylor & Francis

Advisory board member

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Techniques, Bioinfo Publ.