Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Sweta Kumari
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engg
M. E.(ECE), Ph.D (ECE)
Contact Address
Permanent Address D/O Mr. Anil Kumar Jha, Haribatika Chowk, West Champaran, Bettiah,Bihar-845438
Local Address Flat no:201, mahua bagh, Devki niwas apartment, dhanaut, Patna-801506
Phone (Office) 7004311182
Phone Residence 7549342944
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 17-Aug-2010

  Work Experience
Teaching : 13 Years

Research : 7 Years

Individual: 13 Years

  Research Areas

Analo/Digital VLSI systems, IOT based model designs ,Energy harvester modelling, Wireless communication



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  2.  Abhinav Ark, Aakansha Kumari, Surabhi Dutta, Sweta Kumari and Megha Dadel, “Design and simulation of asynchronous FIFO buffer using globally asynchronous and locally synchronous methodology”, International Journal of Electronic Devices and Networking 2023; 4(1): 52-57


Sweta Kumari, Sitanshu sekhar Sahu & Bharat Gupta, “A Thyristor based Self Start up Integrated Circuit for Piezo-Electric Energy Harvester”, International Conference On Intelligent Computing & Control(I2C2’17), pp.99-104, 2017.

Sweta Kumari, Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu & Bharat Gupta, “A Low Voltage Pre Start Up Circuit for Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications” , IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET2017),pp.1999-2002, 2017.

pallavi panini, Namita Agrawal, Ankita, Sweta Kumari, Avireni srinivasulu,”Switched capacitor charge pump circuit using modified current source inverter”, in proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ICACCT-2010), Panipat, India, october 30th, 2010, pp. 826-829.

  Text and Reference Books
1. Sweta Kumari, Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu, Bharat Gupta, and Sudhanshu Kumar Mishra,"Energy Harvesting via human body activities", in Smart Biosensor in Medical Care, Smart Biosensor in Medical Care, Advances in ubiquitous sensing applications for healthcare, Pages 87-106,2020, Elsevier publication,2020.
2. Sweta Kumari, Subrat Kumar Swain, Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu & Bharat Gupta, “A Closed-loop Robust Controller for SSHI based Piezoelectric Energy Harvester”, Computer-Aided Developments: Electronics and Communication, Taylor & Francis Group, pages-1-7,2019.
3.   Shreyansh Kumar Singh, Devansh Upadhyaya, Megha Dadel and Sweta Kumari, “ Smart Helmet for accident detection and prevention “, Emerging Trends of Technological Innovations in STARTUPS, Narosa Publishing House, 2023.
  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  1. Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu, Sweta Kumari, Subrat Kumar Swain, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Mayank Singh, A piezoelectric based energy harvesting system and method thereof” Application no. 202331057064, Indian Design Patent,publication date: 13/10/2023