Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. R. K. Paul
Associate Professor, Physics
M. Sc., Ph. D.
Contact Address
Permanent Address Dr. R. K.Paul Shyam Kunja, KabiGuru Sarani, Rathkhola, SILIGURI, DARJEELING(W.B.)
Local Address Dr. R. K. Paul Associate Professor Department of Physics Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi-835215
Phone (Office) +916512275444 (Extn:4479)
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Joined Institute on : 30-Sep-2001

  Work Experience
Teaching : 19 Years

Research : 25 Years

Individual: 25 Years

  Professional Background

M. Sc. (Physics),  Ph. D.(Plasma Physics)

  Research Areas

Plasma Physics, Cosmology


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List of Publications:


  1. Dhal, S., Singh, S., Konar, K.,  Paul, R. K. Calculation of Cosmic microwave background radiation parameters using COBE/FIRAS dataset. Exp Astron (2023).
  2. Somita Dhal & R. K. Paul, Investigation on CMB monopole and dipole using blackbody radiation inversion, Sci Report  13, 3316 (2023),
  3. Konar, K., Bose, K. & Paul, R.K. Revisiting cosmic microwave background radiation using blackbody radiation inversion. Sci Rep 11, 1008 (2021).
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  5. R.K.Paul, J.T.Andrews, K Bose and P.K.Barhai, “ Development of Abel Inversion Program for the study of Thermal  Plasma Generated by Arc Generator,” 17th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology, PLASMA- 2002, Dec, 16-19, 2002, Coimbatore.         
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