Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Mayank Singh
Assistant Professor and In charge, Electrical and Electronics Engg
M.E. (Electrical Engineering), Ph. D (Electrical )
Contact Address
Permanent Address Jaunpur (Uttar pradesh)
Local Address Department of Electrical & Electronics, B.I.T, Mesra, Patna Campus, Police Station: Patna Airport, Post Office: B.V.College, Patna-800014, Bihar, India
Phone (Office) 8294267125
Phone Residence 8294267125
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 1-Feb-2010

  Work Experience
Teaching : 10 Years

Research : 5 Years

  Research Areas

Power System, Smart Grid, Optimization


[1] Singh, Mayank, and Rakesh Chandra Jha. "Object-Oriented Usability Indices for Multi-Objective Demand Side Management Using Teaching-Learning Based Optimization." Energies 12.3 (2019): 370.

[2] Singh, Mayank, R. C. Jha. “A new approach based on indicators for demand-side management in multiobjective framework” ICETSGAI4.0: International Conference on ‘Emerging Trends for Smart Grid Automation and Industry 4.0’, BIT Mesra Ranchi, India, December 5-7, 2019

[3]   Singh, Mayank, R. C. Jha, and M. A. Hasan. "Prediction of Energy Availability from Solar and Wind for Demand Side Management." Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Engineering. Springer, Singapore, 2019. 303-311.

[4]   Mohanta, D. K., Mayank Singh, R. C. Jha, M. S. Nathawat, and V. S. Rathore. "Electrical Consumer Indexing Incorporating Geographical Information System (GIS)." In 2010 International Conference on Recent Trends in Information, Telecommunication and Computing, pp. 257-261. IEEE, 2010.


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