Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. P. R. Thakura
Professor and Head, Electrical and Electronics Engg
Ph. D. (Engineering)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Qr CI-5 , BIT Mesra Ranchi 835215
Local Address Qr CI-5 , BIT Mesra Ranchi 835215
Phone (Office) 06512275465
Phone Residence 06512275237
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Joined Institute on : 18-May-1994
  Work Experience
Teaching : 29 Years

Research : 26 Years

Individual: 29 Years

  Professional Background

  Teaching  and Research  in Electrical Machines, Power Electronics from 1997.


  Research Areas
  • Hybrid  Electric Vehicles
  • Power Electronics
  • High perfomance Drives




  Award and Honours

 Winner of Indo-Italian Young Researcher"s  Fellowship.



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National Conference

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  Indian Soceity of Technocal Education New Delhi , 

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 UGC MRP 12.65lakhs

UGC SAP  61.00 Lakhs


 Fellow of Institution Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.