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The Department of Remote Sensing was established in 1997 with the view to meet the increasing demand for qualified manpower in this rapidly developing field. The application of Remote Sensing techniques, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in various activities including resources evaluation, environmental monitoring and land use/ land cover mapping etc, has grown considerably during the last three decades and RS data products are being increasingly used for plan formulation at all levels. An essential pre-requisite to partaking in these opportunities is the building of various indigenous capacities for the development and utilization of space science and technology.

The Department of Remote Sensing is now a FIST-DST sponsored department and is also SAP (Special Assistance Programme) supported by UGC.


The importance of Remote Sensing

The world is being scanned constantly by highly sophisticated Earth Resources Satellites like IRS (India), LANDSAT (USA), SPOT (France), ERS (ESA), RADARSAT (Canada), IKONOS and Quickbird etc. Availability of repetitive remote sensing (RS) data in digital and pictorial forms has increased the scope of identifying, mapping, monitoring, classifying and evaluating different forms of renewable and non-renewable earth resources using multi-spectral, multi scanner and multi-temporal RS data products. The benefits of space technology, both direct and indirect, have introduced new dimensions into the study and understanding of Earth’s processes and in improving the quality of life for the people living on it.


Postgraduate Programmes

The Department offers a two-year Master of Technology in Remote Sensing and a two-year Master of Sciences (MSc) in Geoinformatics.

Doctoral Programmes

It also offers PhDs in all branches of Remote Sensing, GIS, Earth Sciences.

Research Area

Ph. D. Entrance Exam Syllabus




Dr. Nilanchal Patel
Professor & Head, Department of Remote Sensing
BIT Mesra, Ranchi
Jharkhand-835 215
Phones:+91 651 2276003 (O), +91 651 2275444(+4468)
            0091 9431100357 (M)
Email: npatel@bitmesra.ac.in